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sterlithägrfA three-dimensional printing process whereby a CAD drawing of a part is processed to create a file of the part in slices and the part is constructed one slice (or layer) at a time (from bottom to top) by depositing layer upon layer of material (usually a liquid resin that can be hardened using a scanning laser), used for rapid prototyping.The first 3D printing technology. Pioneered by Chuck Hull of 3D Systems, stereolithography (SL) uses a liquid photopolymer that is cured one layer at a time with a UV laser. Stereolithography is used to make parts as large as 20 x 20 x 24, and engineers and industrial designers envision myriad applications for this process. See3D printing.

Stereolithography (SL) was brought down to the consumer level in 2012 by Formlabs with its Form 1 3D printer. In this example, an Eiffel tower is being created by beaming the laser up through the liquid photopolymer tray and curing one layer at a time. (Top image courtesy of Formlabs,

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3D printer entered the digital fabrication market with a splash in its Kickstarter campaign in September 2012.

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The authors would like to take the opportunity to thank Dr John Whitters for the construction of the 3D

model, the Department of Medical Illustration for provision of photographic imaging and the Maxillofacial Radiographers for radiographic image acquisition.

Case report: cone-beam CT imaging in the management of a double tooth

Allied PhotoChemicals product portfolio is fairly diverse and includes UV conductive inks, UV dielectrics,

resins, clear and colored UV products, and specialty UV formulations.

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Photopolymers for rapid prototyping

The change in materials is to get product designers and manufacturing engineers to equate a

resin to a production material, even if it doesnt provide the exact same properties of the final production material.

Beyond rapid prototyping: additive manufacturing; New materials and machines keep pushing whats been known as rapid prototyping into the realm of additive manufacturing, which is becoming more of an essential design and production technology

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For the resin sculptures (the Stills series; all works 2000), she scanned images from the film into a computer, which then built up forms using a complicated

layering technique, ultimately setting the sculptural tigers within gridlike patterns, as if to emphasize their status as specimens to be studied.

Using the CT data, a 3-dimensional plastic model of the TMJ and associated jaw structures is made using

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Preoperative planning with rapid prototyping

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