Diamond-structured hollow-tube lattice Ni materials via 3D printing

Light-weight and high-strength materials have attracted considerable attention owing to their outstanding properties, such as weight-reducing, acoustic absorption, thermal insulation, shock and vibration damping. Diamond possesses specific stiffness and strength arising from its special crystal structure. In this work, inspired by the diamond crystal structure, hollow-tube nickel materials with the diamond structure were fabricated using a diamond structured polymer template based on the Stereo Lithography Appearance technology. The diamond structured template was coated with Ni-P by electroless plating. Finally, the template was removed by high temperature calcinations. The density of the hollow tube nickel materials is about 20 mg/cm3. The morphology and composition of the resultant materials were characterized by scanning electron microscope, energy-dispersive spectrometry, and X-ray diffraction. The results showed that the surface of the Ni film was uniform with the thickness of 4 m. The mechanical property was also measured by stress and strain tester. The maximum compression stress can be reached to 40.6 KPa.

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Unable to display preview.Download preview PDF.

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