SLA 3Dprinter for metal printing


In this time we are produce of portable SLA 3Dprinter for technology demonstration. This demonstration printer is follow of projection light source and curing of visible photopolymer. Another function is follow of ion printing mode. We will shipping soon of option material tank for printing metal. New type SLA metal 3Dprinter is do not use laser for heat & fuse metal and operation by green energy and quickly. We will push of t-membrane technology for SLA metal printer. We will show our concept in conference with our partner.

Photo machine is for demonstration and build by transparent parts. This is different than normal product.

Metal printer develop kit for professional

Universal form for Metal Ink Cartridge

Vegetable photo polymer resin for SLA 3Dprinter

Mimo Bio Professional is ready for Bio Test

Plan of at attachment for 3D printer

New interface for RP machine control software

Develop of bio printer without any bio lab condition

Develop of printing human organ by Rapid Prototype Technology

Develop of transportation technology for biopolymer with in live cell

Develop of 3D printing human organ by Rapid Prototype Technology in Malaysia

Develop of Rapid Prototype Technology for making human organ

© Biological Process System Technology

For example I/F ARDUINO or GALILEO Gen 2 ( Intel )

Design come from bio technology ( Tissue engineering )

1. Removable laser and resin holder unit. Easy to modify for user original.

2. Connect for ARDUINO and follow of sketch ( Program )

3. Follow of Photo Polymer SLA and Ion Metal SLA and FDM

3D Printer malaysia 3DPrinter US$8/Unit 3DPrinter US$8 / Unit 3DPrinter USD8 3d Printer $8.00 economy 3D Printer Design bio technology ( Tissue engineering ) biotechnology unit for SLA/FDM