Mobile LabBuild

Lecture-1. Introduction Overview

Lecture-3. More Objective-C concepts

Lecture-4. Few other Classes, Sending Messages

Lecture-5. Demo of UIAlertView UIImageView

Lecture-6. Configuring UI Controls, UIColor Class, Segues

Lecture-7. Segues, Navigation Controller, PlaylistBrowserApp

Apps We cant Live Without! (WWDC 2014)

Thomas Suarez: A 12-year-old app developer

Introduction to PhoneGap An Open Source Framework

Workshop and App Demos forMicrosoftPrizes

The Mobile Lab is a research group in the Department of Computer Science at Florida State University.

It is composed of a collection of students, both at the graduate and undergrad level.

Many of our members have internships and jobs at places such as: Google, IBM, and Intel.

By teaching and passing along the experience from our upper class allows The Lab to retain a great wealth of growing knowledge.

This isnt your normal academic research group. The Lab moves at a very fast pace and is organized more like Industry than school.

Our products are mobile and web applications for all platforms, however we specialize in Android and iOS.

Provided Internships and DevicesProvided both internships and equipment where we got to work with the Android Apps Team on Ice Cream Sandwich.Provided positions in their Extreme Blue program which fostered experience in all facets of the software development lifecycle.Shares industry knowledge by participating in local events and internships.Created their mobile application and helps publicize The Lab which extends our reach.

All donations and sponsorships we receive go directly in helping fund our research. We are always on the lookout for hardware that enables us to develop exciting new applications. Such devices include smart phones, new computers, sensors (we love SparkFun), audio/video equipment, and new mobile devices. If you are interested in becoming a sponsor or a partner please feel free to contact us.

The Mobile Lab @ Florida State University