Excerpts from the beauty of travel

Tourism is one thing that most people like to do. There are many things to learn on the way to travel and you can feel happy. There have also been a lot of beautiful articles about tourism. So let’s take a look at some of the excerpts from the travel articles.
1. I will still travel around the world. Even if we cannot stay together, I still want to share the beauty of the world with you.

2. Wherever there is a distant place, there is a temptation, not because of beauty, not because of distance, but because of my uncanny heart, which makes me restless.

3, travel is not so romantic, those who see the beauty may not make sense, those photos may be placed in the corner. What really matters is that travel allows us to know ourselves. In a strange environment, you can better learn how to get along with yourself. Travel is very tired and it is not beautiful, but it allows you to find yourself in arbitrage and loneliness.

4. There is only one road and a car between heaven and earth. This is the scenery I most want to see. – Hao Yun, “The Adventures of the West Bank”

5. What can be taken away is not important; what is important is not to take it away. We have left a lot of memories here, sweat, tears, friendship, laughter, feelings… all of which will be our treasures. We will remember them and remember them when we think of them.

6, walking on the road, gentle wind stroking cheeks. Looking back at the scenery of Castle Peak here, I feel relieved once again. This fascinating time is dreamlike, so short and long. Pulling away simple bags and getting away… –“Xian Qiwa”

7, travel will choose to walk in line with your counterpart, if not, then a person

8. China’s high prices have destroyed young people’s love and also destroyed young people’s imagination. They could have used poetry, traveling together, and reading clubs. Now, young people will become middle-aged when they graduate from college. Their life, from the beginning, was material and worldly, and they could not experience a romantic life, a way of life oriented to the soul. – Yan Song

9, we continue to refuel it, to make money is important, wait for us to make a lot of money, put those men behind their heads, we four went to travel abroad, so that those men eat instant noodles at home. —— Zhao Geyu “Be a Woman forever”

10. Yes, it seems that when people are in love, they should give themselves a vacation or travel to distant places. In short, leaving this city once saddened you, whether temporarily or forever, when you go to another city, this sad or lost in the new urban infection, will gradually be replaced by new things and people. —— Zhao Geyu “Be a Woman forever”

11, before the age of 25 to be extremely crazy, to see a great concert; a trip to go and go; there is a ready to throw his face to his heterosexual party; crying in the cinema; a high to burst Wanted; drunk; talking about a crazy but fruitless love. Unfortunately, I did not do it one at a time.

12. People are selfish, start a journey selfishly, end a journey selfishly, and never consider the feelings of the people who are involved.

13. The world is a book. People who don’t travel only see one of them.

14. The meaning of travel is not to escape, not to entertain, not to relax, and not to show off, but to wash your body and soul, to give yourself a new look, or even a way of life, to add more to life. The possibility of forks.

15. “The path I have taken is to grow, and the imprint left is life.”

16. She sat quietly in the waiting room and was surrounded by travelers: Sangu and Liupo, Xiongkui, and a young literary person… People are either desperate to leave here, leave thousands of shackles and go on a trip, or are desperate to return here, return to their comfort, and get away from it. travel. And she knew that traveling was something that only happened to her heart. Heart is not free, where are the cage, travel never happened. Someone asked her, “Where are you going?” She took off her glasses and answered, “I’m coming home.”

17, “a person’s travel” Lonely people love a person’s travel and travel people love a person’s loneliness I’m not a very lonely person love but inevitably in life is a person’s desolate I never refuse to escape a people sometimes feel a bit lonely but very good – Liuzhou sk “West notebook”

18. Sometimes I would like to think more about such a person, a SLR, or on foot or by car, and flee this place that has been confined for a long time, only to want to go to the city, to meet people I want to see, to eat my inner desire. a long time but can not do so gourmet ?????? breathing the fresh air of a strange city, renowned for a variety of strange and passionate people, stop and go, so always, always towards the heart of the palace forward ??? southern town, Qinghai, Tibet, England, France, each European town ?????? there are many sorts of goals and dreams na! So on the road, I met the unknown, the most beautiful yourself! I believe that when I step onto the dreamy land, my mouth in the photo will be filled with a happy smile!

19, time, silent; time, never come and go; time, gradually drift away. Time has always been with us. From the moment we were born, the hourglass leaked the first sand until we stopped breathing. Time is a friend, a treasure, an alarm bell. This time we travel one way of life, to live out the infinite vitality in limited time!

20. I like to walk alone on the road. Look at the sun. Look at her from the top of the grass from the corner of the antelope from the dry straw. I like to walk on the road. I don’t hat. Don’t roof. Don’t repeat the wall. I don’t want to see Above the water traces It’s like the shadow of a nightmare I like to walk on the road The sun Loves me And I love all people I long to be a continent Continent under the gaze of the ocean I like to walk on the road I like to see the light on the road at dusk I like one Everyone must have a sun – Gu Cheng

21, life and death of ink, drunk the United States Kanas. – Anonymous

22, you travel alone, deep in different places, unfamiliar environment let you rush, you can not tell the South Gate can not find the North Gate, you will find yourself how small. But it is because of this loss that you only think about it. “I think so I am” and get a sense of presence. Your feet are literally stepping on the land. The picture in front of you is real. The world is not big or small, you are not small, you look ahead, you stand in the crowd, stand on the street, in a corner of the earth. You know that you are living as a living body. Although small, it is an entity.

23. Either reading or traveling. There is always one way to go on the road.

24. Life is a strange travel. It is a beautiful accident to meet anyone. Willingness will happen, and if you don’t want to, even those who are interested will pass by. The edge is God’s purpose and it is artificial. Regardless of whether the edge is deep or shallow, the margin is short and short, and the attainment is good fortune. Life is short and hard, and it is hard to come by. We should all cherish it, and use tolerance and openness to treat everyone and everything in life.

25. Cities and towns throughout the world are our new homes. Let’s go while playing while traveling. This is what I said when I was marrying, but the reality is serious. No, I’ll soon find out the limits of my talent. “Enrolled teacher”

26. Sometimes a trip can really change a person’s state of mind. In the short-term exhaustion, slowly consider the beliefs that have persisted in the past, only to find that when the temperature is exhausted, where there are so many oaths and pursuits, just want a simple stability.

27. Why do people like to travel so much that they meet people they like? Because it is pure. Irrelevance, nothing to do with money, nothing to do with fame … just the most original fit and love.

28, a person a person to eat a person game a person shopping a person to travel a person daze a person giggle…

29, life is a travel, life is a kind of attitude.

30. Life cannot be a journey to go and walk, but people who are far away from the distance must be prepared to walk and leave!

31. The significance of travel is not to browse the scenery, but to a completely unfamiliar environment, emptying yourself, feeling and enjoying the loneliness!

32. Practice in travel

33. I still remember that the sky in Changsha was hazy, less than the clarity of Yunnan, but who would know that the seeds of hope were slowly growing into towering trees. Even if they were dust, they would walk until dawn.

34. Travel has always been a luxury. Either use youth to replace consumption or use money to resist the difficulties. However, people are always restrained from wishing to go out and walk. The world’s roads will never come, so go for comfort. – Zhang Jiajia

35. Going to all parts of the world is to look for an Aventure. Meet the sun, the sea, the city, the cottage, different nationalities and nations, different customs and systems, discover the truth and beauty of others and the world, and awaken oneself and rediscover yourself. He said that all travelers in the world are eager for an “aventure” in the depths of their hearts. “Aventure” is not for a certain girl, but is full of affection for the whole world and nature, society and people, because only In “Aventures”, talents will stare intently and intently, and appreciate and experience selflessly, with good intentions and love in their hearts. Perhaps this is the meaning of “practice”.

36. How many of you will remember what you saw and heard on the road: what church spires you met; where you were praised thousands of times by guided books, photographed in places you mustn’t miss; accompanied by red wine and spectacle After a few old friends finished your travel adventure, how could you feel weak for a moment? How can I have a few lonely trips that I don’t know how to talk with people? There are moments of turbulence that can feel your loneliness. There may be moments of moving even one can not help but wonder if it really happened? With a little emotion, I would be ashamed to talk to people in the familiar city. – Guo Ziying “The Best Time on the Road”

37. It is said that everyone has a little devil who wants to travel.

38. A person’s happiness, a person’s warmth, a person’s travel, a person’s love, may also be a good.

39. “I think we should have a more impulsive journey in our lives. It’s headstrong. It’s best to be in the young age. It’s best to spend your own money. It’s best to go to a very remote place. It’s best to have A friend who can go hand in hand to accompany him.”

40. Nature has the magical function of healing us and it has a positive effect on our endocrine system. When people are on the road, everything around them is unfamiliar. Everyone’s brain back and peripheral neurons are awakened. They are very sensitive. Many long-neglected people have mysterious resurrection. However, it is a good research direction to find out what symptoms have occurred and where to travel. It is possible to obtain better results. — Bi Shumin “Blue Heaven”

41. Just want to carry on a purposeless journey, basking in the sun in a place with flowers and sea, quiet and slow. – A Sam, Go, Your Trip.

42. Life is a journey. Every person, everything and every beautiful scene encountered during the journey can become an unforgettable scene in life. We cannot guess what kind of scenery will be welcomed and where the destination is. However, the pace of progress cannot be stopped because time does not allow us to stay anywhere. We must learn to choose, learn and appreciate and learn to appreciate.

43. Your love is still traveling or where you have settled. Maybe young.

44. Have you ever got a pair of comfortable shoes that you wear for shopping, traveling, dating, going to any place you want to go? Wearing it is old and dirty. You even throw it to the wild cat downstairs. This story is also like your love. – binys

45. You leave me, it is the meaning of travel. “the meaning of traveling”

46. ​​Life is like a trip. I don’t know what kind of person I will see at the next stop. What kind of story happened!

47. A person travels, perhaps alone, perhaps free.

48. If there is no better scenery, more choices that do not need to be compromised, if it can be so eager to go through each day. – Chen Yuzhen

49. Maybe at the time on the road, you met yourself even more. Maybe at that time, you missed a chance to say to yourself: “It’s better than this, my life is actually pretty good; it’s better than this, this is it. Let’s think about the other sidewalk that I haven’t walked yet.” – Guo Ziying “The best time on the road”

50. I like to travel, not travel. Brigade, even if it is sleeping on the edge of the road, just to see the outside world. OK, walking out of an unusual youth with your feet, even if you are so tired that you won’t get up, you will be happy in the setting sun.

51. Two impulses when I was young, one is a love of one’s body and the other is a journey of walking and walking.

52. The charm of travel is here, taking advantage of the importance of this life, and browsing the past and the past. – Jian Xi “The forest of micro halo”

53. Now you know a lot. Things I didn’t understand before. You start to think. May travel. It is a very correct thing. Those sunny days. You have seen strange scenery. Unfamiliar people. Bustling street. Colored faces. Characteristic building. The most famous scenery. and also. Maybe. People who will never see again in life. Because of the strangeness and the courage that must be possessed. These ones . Everything about travel. I know your joy. Your expectations.

54, I want to travel with you one day. Go to places that you haven’t been to before, no luggage, no backpacks, no computers, no mobile phones, sitting on the highest mountain top, catching the last meteor, listening to music, talking movies, eating, if only we are together, casually What – can be.

55. Waiting at crowded bus stops waiting for the blind night market crowds to wander in the long and tedious meetings. The thoughts drift away and you fantasize to travel to find another in the distance. . twenty four. Refuel. .

56. When I was away, you stayed with autumn rain. When I came back, you blocked the winter snow. And how much I hope, you send with Xia Lei. How much I hope, you greet with the spring breeze.