Impression Yangshuo, Yanyu Lijiang

If life is an unknown journey, hopeful texts and images can make every landscape in the journey eternal! If life is a pious practice, the landscape in hopes can purify the impetuous heart!




Yangshuo in April, like spring like summer, sunny rain only in an instant. Even heavy rain is still warm.


A purposeless trip, only to hear people say that Yangshuo is a place where one person is meditation and nourishment, he will not hesitate to take a trip, look forward to it, and leave on the same day! If I travel, I don’t care what the destination will be. Spectacular scenery, only care about the process and mood!


When I first arrived in Yangshuo, I was deeply impressed! I was amazed at the mountains and rivers here, and the sky was light and sky high! I was amazed at the natural aura and nature of the heavens. The magic of this master is indulging in landscapes and splashes of water. Indifferent works. The high Moon Mountain, the mysterious Totem Trail, the 100-year-old big banyan tree, the magical Longtan Lake, and the bustling West Street… Although they traveled with curiosity, they felt that they were not themselves. The heart’s longing, slightly disappointed.


The last day of Yangshuo was heavy rain. In the middle of the night, Mosquito bugs maddened my dreams, raindrops, and waters. Not only were the echoes quite loud but also passed through the window and entered the night. I had never had a good night’s sleep. I had originally booked the tickets for the bamboo rafting tour of the Minjiang River at 8:30. Hesitated to start again with heavy rain. They said that they should feel fortunate to catch up with the rain and just enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Lijiang River. Rain, there is no meaning to stop, but it does not affect the interest of the visitors. I bought a simple raincoat, boarded a bamboo pole, and started the rain in the Min Riverbank. Smoke lingered, Castle Peaks faintly, rippling blue waves, bamboo poles walking in the water, Castle Peak in front of the pan, watching the landscape changes, times alternate, actually silent do not want words, can not tell what the mood. Is it in the misty and rainy Lijiang River, the exposure to mist and fog, the heart is also confused. Perhaps some trips are only for the dream of curiosity, thinking that they can escape the secular world, but in the end they are trapped in it. In the world, if there is something next to you, there is still the Pure Land?


How long to have a long journey, longing for a strange city to be able to downplay all the sadness, the process of walking can make things easier and the stranger will make everything simple and pure. After walking around, I discovered that all the feelings are in my heart. If my heart is not willing to let go, then the beauty of the United States will only be difficult to get into.


A dream of landscape, a curtain of misty rain. Compared to the scenery of the journey, I was more concerned with the mood at that time. I hoped that the text could make everything eternal, set beautiful scenery, and penetrate the mind. In addition to sentimentality, I would like to sue for silence!


If life is a devout practice, my beliefs are there again? I want to wander around and stop to stay busy and have a lot of stories. Many stories often begin with glitz and finally brilliance. The number of people who persisted in one’s thoughts and ties, and their life-long struggles, made several rounds of reincarnation.


Landscape Yangshuo, style West Street; Qing Shiban, Wu Yi Xiang, coming and going crowds, noisy downtown, who is in the beautiful landscape, who is telling the past of hidden bitterness, who is waiting for the next beautiful , Who else is reminiscing about the past, hurting and leaving the crowd? Not all laughter is from the heart, not all the skeletons are perfect! Someone is fortunate to finally meet the right people at the right time, but also some people regret Which pair of people met at the wrong time. If life is really a long journey, the next station who knows who will be there, will be with them, and at what station will they be separated? There is no regrets and nostalgia for no reason, and even a greeting does not know In what capacity!


If life is really a trip, can I let me slow down and enjoy my favorite scenery more than once? If life is really a practice, can it give me a faith, a few pure lands, and surpass the seven emotions. How paranoid but weak I am, stubborn persistence should not insist, but easily give up should not give up!


In the long journey of life, many of the landscapes were left behind without too much time to wave goodbye. The trip was hurried, just waiting for an eternity. How much is unrepentant for sentimentality? May the world be safe and not be confused!