On the way to Ili

Among the golden deserts

Can’t see at a glance

The shadows of the setting sun

Listen to Dream Camel Bells

Swaying in the sand

Never stopped

Even bad weather

Even if there is a wolves ahead

I can’t stop the distance I want to reach

I walk through the endless desert

Finally I saw a little oasis

Hear the sound of the turbulent river

I cheered

I know I’m a step closer to you

I swear by the sweet water of the Tarim River

Looking at the reflection in the river

I have a sweet smile

At this time I looked up at the blue sky

It’s the endless stream of rivers

Two blue, two different beauty!

With a dark desert

There is little greenery

I think of the poet’s pen, “The solitary smoke in the desert, the long river goes down.”

I am in this

I am going to leave

Go to the distance I want to reach

I shuttle in the tranquil Populus euphratica

In the setting sun I dance in a long dress

I raised my hands to wave graceful moves

Only for this moment

Dance for nature

I kept forgotten to jump

I remember when I first met you

No matter how hard the road is

Wounded and injured on the foot

I never turned back

Will only go to find you

I am going to leave

Go to the distance I want to reach

I saw that white

Keep moving in the direction of that white

When I walked in, I discovered that the beauty here is like painting.

I know I have reached fairyland on earth

A distant snow-capped mountains

Elegant swan close up

Faint and clear Swan Lake

I do not want to break this comfortable peace

I sit quietly by the lake watching their free play

At this time I was thinking

Distant journey, hard journey

But for this moment it is worth it

I continue to reluctantly move forward

Go to the distance I want to reach

I walked to the center of the Bayinbrook grassland

I heard that it is not only beautiful during the day

The night will be more beautiful

I decided I want to find out

What kind of night is it?

The night sky in Bayinbulak

Is unparalleled

Every star is shining

I know you belong to another star

Always soaring in the sky

And I’m going to search for you

Daylight departure

Go to the distance I want to reach

Accompanied by blue sky and white clouds

Continue to proceed

There will be accompany with the sheep

Timing horses

At this point I think I am free

I go all the way

Finally came to the margin of Ili’s Nalati grassland

The flying eagle

People who are strangers looking down on the earth

I cry so much

Finally came to your hometown

I’m a step closer to you

Those daydreams and nighttime expectations

Will there be an answer?

I laughed

I continued on my way to the city named Ili.

I am in the streets of this bustling city

Looking at passing customers

There is no figure you are familiar with

I will continue

I walk in the purple ocean

The wind blows my hair

It also led to the unique fragrance

Make me intoxicated

I gently stroked the blossoming flowers

When I left, there was a purple lavender flower in my hand.

I think of the language of lavender is – waiting for love

I think I’m the flower waiting for love

When I stood on the calm shore of Salimmu

The scenery is so sober and intoxicated

I still can’t find you

But I don’t regret this trip

The only regret is that I may have missed you

I looked at the clear lake

Breathing the air of your city

Want to get closer to you

I know I may never find you

I know you are not here in the blue sky

You know I’m thinking of you

You are my distant dream

I can only look at you

You are like Naked Brook on the night stars

Shining everywhere

Bring people a better yearning

Your gentle smile

I forget all my troubles

I want to dream of a love journey with you

Even after many years

I will stay here

Waiting for you to come back

Listen to my heartbeat

Even if time passes

I have to wait for you to show my heart

I planted purple blossoming purple flowers at Salim Lake.

Let them drift into the distance

I will stay in the field

Waiting for my love