Is it equipped with a 5000mAh battery? Glory magic2 life horror?

Is it equipped with a 5000mAh battery? Glory magic2 life horror?
Although the glory magic2 has not been released yet, the clothes have been almost smashed, and all of them have been seen by the people. As the second-half high-profile Kirin 980 model, it is also a slide-type full-screen design. Expectation is too much.

Mobile phone life has always been the most concerned issue for netizens. The flagship mobile phone’s battery life has also been criticized by netizens. Nowadays, mobile phones are generally charged twice a day, and heavy mobile phone users are more likely to have three charge and four charge per day. Good or bad, and the size of the battery has a direct relationship.

The glory magic2 will be equipped with a 5000mAh capacity battery. The 5000mAh flagship machine is rare. The current flagship machine is basically around 3000-4000mAh. The 5000mAh battery capacity of glory magic2 also represents a longer battery life, coupled with the glory of the mobile phone system optimization, Kirin 980 high-performance low-power features, perhaps can not play games, heavy use of a day.

Not only has the endurance ability, but also the intelligent voice assistant yoyo that will be mounted on the glory magic2 is also very exciting. Now, in addition to making calls, WeChat QQ, playing games, voice assistants are also very playable features, such as Apple’s siri. Samsung’s bixby, Xiaomi’s little love is very smart, will yoyo be smarter than them? Is it important for you to have a mobile voice assistant? Do you use it often?

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