Will iPhoneXR sell well in China? May be too optimistic

Will iPhoneXR sell well in China? May be too optimistic
Under the poor performance of iPhoneXS, Guo Minghao, who is known as Apple analyst, threw a report that Apple’s upcoming iPhoneXR will be recognized by Chinese consumers and is expected to achieve sales exceeding the iPhone8 and iPhone8 plus, but the author is I think he may be too optimistic.

The advantages and disadvantages of iPhoneXR are very obvious

Guo Mingxi believes that the advantage of iPhoneXR is that it supports dual card dual standby, richer color matching, and the new design of the bangs is more comprehensive than the iPhone8 plus, so he believes that these factors are conducive to attract Chinese consumers to buy this phone.

These are indeed the advantages of the iPhoneXR, but the weakness of the iPhoneXR is equally obvious. In order to distinguish from the high-priced iPhoneXS and iPhoneXS max, to avoid affecting the sales of these two high-end iPhones, the iPhoneXR uses a traditional TFT-LCD panel, which makes the iPhoneXR thicker. You can see the edge of the front panel by comparing the iPhoneXR with the iPhoneXS. It is wider and affects the appearance.

Another obvious shortcoming is that the current smart phone multi-camera has become a trend, Samsung and Huawei have begun to develop into four cameras, iPhoneXS still uses a rear dual camera, and iPhoneXR has only one rear camera, naturally in terms of shooting performance will be more weak. A considerable part of the fruit powder is the appearance control. In the case that the iPhoneXR is too different in appearance from the iPhoneXS, it may be difficult to get the user’s welcome.

These problems are reflected in the previous iPhone7 and iPhone8. Since the iPhone7 plus and iPhone8 plus are both rear dual cameras, and the iPhone7 and iPhone8 are rear single cameras, the appearance is much different than the previous iPhone6s plus. Many fruit powders have chosen the iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 8 plus when they buy a new iPhone.

iPhoneXR or hard to get consumers welcome

Apple also released three new iPhones this year. Two of the iPhoneXS and iPhoneXS max are upgraded versions of the iPhoneX. The main upgrade is to upgrade the processor to the A12. The processor performance is stronger and the dual card dual standby function is introduced. Because the appearance is not much different from the iPhoneX, and the price is higher, it has not been as hot as expected after the listing. Even in the domestic market, there has been a phenomenon that the channel merchants are selling at a price of 1,000 yuan. The iPhoneXS and iPhoneXS max are listed. In a few weeks, the channel price cuts set the fastest record for iPhone price cuts. Last time, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus, which were listed last year, were sold by channel dealers in less than two months.

It can be seen that Apple’s iPhoneXS and iPhoneXS max launched this year have not been able to rely on limited upgrades to gain user recognition, which also highlights Apple’s leadership in the smart phone market has been loosened, and in the second quarter of this year it has been China Mobile phone brand Huawei defeated the name of the world’s second largest mobile phone brand.

iPhoneXR is more limited than the iPhoneXS and iPhoneXS max upgrades, and the shooting performance is even worse than the iPhone8 plus, but Apple is still stubborn or arrogant, thinking that it still has unparalleled influence, so this launch was once called Pricing for the cheaper version of the iPhoneXR is much higher than expected. Considering the poor sales of the iPhoneXS and iPhoneXS max, one of the reasons for the over-priced is that the iPhoneXR’s excessive pricing will also hurt consumers’ desire to buy it.

After the iPhoneXS and iPhoneXS max went on the market, the old iPhoneX was unexpectedly hot. Even the channel vendors increased the price of the iPhoneX. It is obvious that many consumers have switched to the iPhoneX. The upgrade of the first two is limited compared to the iPhoneX. The price is too high; the same iPhoneX price is not much higher than the iPhoneXR, but it has the characteristics of OLED screen, thinner and lighter. Perhaps the iPhoneXR’s listing has caused consumers to disappoint and instead choose iPhoneX to further promote iPhoneX sales.

Guo Minghao has always been recognized for his reliable analysis of Apple’s products. However, his analysis of iPhoneX was inaccurate last year. He once thought that iPhoneX is expected to drive Apple’s iPhone sales to exceed 230 million or even 250 million. The result is From the fourth quarter of last year to the second quarter of this year, the iPhone’s shipment growth is limited, and his estimate of the iPhoneXR is likely to be out of alignment again.

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