Will the Android brand be abandoned by Google? Foreign media took another clue

Will the Android brand be abandoned by Google? Foreign media took another clue
October 13 news Google has launched the official Android messaging app a long time ago, this application is also the default SMS application on many native Android phones. Recently, Google quietly renamed the app, foreign media PhoneArena believes that Google is completely downplaying the Android brand.

When the SMS app was first released, the name “Messages” was used. But since the name is easily confused with Facebook’s “Messenger” app, Google has renamed it “Android Messages” two years ago. Now Google has deleted the “Android” in the name, which is somewhat intriguing.

Although this change does not involve the Chinese name (still “information”), and it has previously been shown as “Messages” in the application drawer secondary menu, it is hard to detect. IT House reported earlier, Google did not talk about the word “Android” at the Pixel 3 new product launch conference. Many foreign media believe that Google is giving up the “Android” brand.

Foreign media also reported that Google hopes to phase out the Android brand in the near future, but it was opposed by some internal officials. With the exposure of the new operating system Fuchsia OS, there has been a view that Google will replace Android with this new system in the future.

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Apple CEO Cook also went to the “punch” photography show where is it? See how technology empowers fashion

Apple CEO Cook also went to the “punch” photography show where is it? See how technology empowers fashion
In the contemporary era, the development of technology has extended to the fashion industry, empowering fashion development and innovation. Last night, Jingdong teamed up with Marsfield Fashion Group and fashion art photographer Su Yiliang to create a “Quiet Endless” fashion art photography exhibition at the Shanghai Art Landmark – Yicang Art Museum. Apple CEO Tim Cook has previewed the show earlier. The photo exhibition has been polished for four months and will be open to the public from October 13th to October 21st, bringing the fashion and technology experience of the Live Photos creative art to the public.

Caption: Senior Vice President of Jingdong Group, President of Jingdong Mall Fashion Life Group Hu Shengli and Su Yiliang used AR interactive technology to watch the video story behind the works.

The “Quiet Endless” photography exhibition is based on simple and elegant black and white, and is divided into four areas: “balance”, “introspection”, “time difference” and “assimilation”. Su Yiliang uses AR interactive technology to reconstruct light, space, sound and image in the form of dynamic and static combination, so that the entire exhibition area presents the ultimate tranquility.

As a long-term strategic collaboration photographer for the iPhone, all the materials on display were shot by Su Yiliang with iPhone X, and using interactive new technology to enable all viewers to interact instantly. Through the new technology of iPhone X, Su Yiliang uses a unique documentary format to present the visual impact and imagination with static and dynamic, black and white, place and time, and what is seen and seen. The work creates a creative art experience that blends fashion and technology.

Last night, MJU:T, the first menswear brand of Marsfil Fashion Group, also announced an exclusive strategic partnership with JD. The two parties joined hands with Su Yiliang to create an exclusive limited-capacity capsule series. It is worth noting that this capsule series combines art, technology and fashion elements. The photographic image printing on the clothing adopts Apple’s latest technology. Users can watch the 20s motion picture hidden behind the photo using iPhone 6 or above. The technological power behind fashion.related articles http://ts80hou.com/en/buy china mobile.html

More than 3,000 Dyson curling sticks don’t want to buy? Sun drying out your hair artifact

More than 3,000 Dyson curling sticks don’t want to buy? Sun drying out your hair artifact
On October 10th, Dyson held a new product launch conference in New York, officially launched a new hairdressing product – Airwrap curling iron.

Why did the domestic post-sense know that it was only two days later that a big discussion took place?

Because China’s fashion bloggers have been divorced from YouTube, it has taken 48 hours to reprint and copy the tape.

If this curling iron was invented by Huawei, it would be very worry-free. From the ground to the table, the illustrated manuscripts are fresh and straightforward for an hour, and it is good to open the background while eating.

According to the limited sample size of my circle of friends, 80% of the girls got the information on this product and gave different feedback according to their own temperament.

I said, “Things are good things, but people don’t have enough hair…”

This kind of person is beautiful and waiting for girlfriends and male “dogs” reply: “Do you have less hair? You can send more 1818 golden eyes! You are not bad, buy it, my Little princess!”

I said, “You are not the fault of Dyson, but my…”

Shrimp pig heart, this kind of person uses this line of words with the latest iPhone XS Max. Every time something new comes out on the market, he will say so, it’s pitiful that others will borrow money to make it poor.

What is the real poor? The poor are the silent majority, and only the rich will be tempted. The poor have their own shielding system. When they see the word “Dyson”, they slip past. It is impossible to turn. It is even more impossible to say that “you are my fault.” This kind of frustration, the rotten ship has three pounds of iron, and the poor finally The wealth is the iron and bone.

Many people say that the news that girls forward Dyson’s new products is to hint at their partner. As an emotional blogger, cousin has always advised not to persuade; cousin, as a lifestyle blogger, has always provided readers with rational and prudent consumer advice. Well, now, my opinion is:

Don’t buy it.


I have three Dyson products: hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, and heating and cooling fan.

Hair dryer, this is the first Dyson product I came into contact with. As an independent, impartial and objective third party, I would like to say that this hair dryer is still good. Its advantages are high wind power, high wind power and high wind power. As for the effect, I used it and the hair dryer bought with Taobao 100 dollars, I feel that the difference is not big. But Tony took Dyson to blow you up, it’s not the same, beautiful, with mud and hair gel, it’s impeccable. A cruel fact is: 99% of my country’s straight men are blowing their hair, whether it is the British Dyson, or a lot of Dai Lin, can not save.

Vacuum cleaner, I am no longer using it now. why? Humiliation, discomfort, resentment. Charge for one hour and vacuum for five minutes. Who the hell are you? Eight flag brothers? ! Daqing is dead! You are a vacuum cleaner, can you work hard? I have lived for more than 30 years, and I have been enslaved by a household appliance. I still have to look at it. When I think of it, I can’t help but cry.

Cooling fan, liar. I returned it in one day. I read the comment on Jingdong before I decided to buy it. The comment area says this: “The wind is strong and quiet, not only to drive heat, but even the air has become sweet…”

I believe in your evil, buy it and look at it, it is not the case. The first gear is quiet, but it is not cool. The third gear is cool, but it is really quiet. And it boasted into the corner, and every corner of the 100-flat house could feel cool. It’s a nonsense! I put the desk here, I am cool, and the wife of one meter away is hot and will spit out my tongue.

I have said so much, I want to tell you a truth: a brand that was originally full of want to change humanity, once it made up its mind to lie to Chinese people, it is destined to run wild on the path of mediocrity.

You can call this principle “the first law of the three forms of business.” According to this law, don’t buy Dyson Airwrap curling sticks.

It is expected to sell for more than 3,000. Believe me, you can’t use this money. How many times can you use this stuff in a year? The roll effect can only last for five hours, are you willing? You may not be bad, it is really windy, but is your money blown by the wind?

Let’s say, how long does it take to roll a roll, do you have time to go to work? Is it time to apply a mask to your own skin and cook an egg? How many colleagues can notice that you have no curly hair today? Can your careful function not be put on the job?

Dyson Airwrap hair curler called “do not hurt the hair”, do you believe? I tell you that from the moment you have a baby’s hair, you are destined to start hurting your life. After a while, I will straighten it. Do you tell me not to hurt my hair? So let’s just say, you take a rubber band, you learn it, roll it, pull it, you may not see its damage in the naked eye, but the cousin tells you that it has been riddled inside the molecule.

One thing you have to admit is that the Dyson brand is doing too hard. The cousin is such a big hand, the penny fee is not received, or in such a novel, it is inevitable to mention the “Dyson” brand, and many of the technologies like PingWest are self-sufficient from the media. Do the propaganda, not to mention the fashion-seeking fashion from the media.

If you can have this treatment before, it is not Apple or Tesla. It is also like Apple’s innovation stop, Tesla’s illness, or a large number of Chinese people rushing, Dyson has become the new vanity of the Chinese people. People can decorate their own things too little, they introduce their friends into their bathroom, look at you, Dyson hair dryer, curling iron, face? Then introduce a friend to the garage and watch it. Tesla is charging, have a face? Stand still, I use iPhone XS Max to help you and my car take a photo.

Maybe you are suffering from not knowing how to dispel the urge of your girlfriend to buy Dyson Airwrap curls, then forward this article to her.

Obedient? If you are obedient, curling up the stick, don’t buy it. Dyson brand vanity, don’t you.

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Will iPhoneXR sell well in China? May be too optimistic

Will iPhoneXR sell well in China? May be too optimistic
Under the poor performance of iPhoneXS, Guo Minghao, who is known as Apple analyst, threw a report that Apple’s upcoming iPhoneXR will be recognized by Chinese consumers and is expected to achieve sales exceeding the iPhone8 and iPhone8 plus, but the author is I think he may be too optimistic.

The advantages and disadvantages of iPhoneXR are very obvious

Guo Mingxi believes that the advantage of iPhoneXR is that it supports dual card dual standby, richer color matching, and the new design of the bangs is more comprehensive than the iPhone8 plus, so he believes that these factors are conducive to attract Chinese consumers to buy this phone.

These are indeed the advantages of the iPhoneXR, but the weakness of the iPhoneXR is equally obvious. In order to distinguish from the high-priced iPhoneXS and iPhoneXS max, to avoid affecting the sales of these two high-end iPhones, the iPhoneXR uses a traditional TFT-LCD panel, which makes the iPhoneXR thicker. You can see the edge of the front panel by comparing the iPhoneXR with the iPhoneXS. It is wider and affects the appearance.

Another obvious shortcoming is that the current smart phone multi-camera has become a trend, Samsung and Huawei have begun to develop into four cameras, iPhoneXS still uses a rear dual camera, and iPhoneXR has only one rear camera, naturally in terms of shooting performance will be more weak. A considerable part of the fruit powder is the appearance control. In the case that the iPhoneXR is too different in appearance from the iPhoneXS, it may be difficult to get the user’s welcome.

These problems are reflected in the previous iPhone7 and iPhone8. Since the iPhone7 plus and iPhone8 plus are both rear dual cameras, and the iPhone7 and iPhone8 are rear single cameras, the appearance is much different than the previous iPhone6s plus. Many fruit powders have chosen the iPhone 7 plus and iPhone 8 plus when they buy a new iPhone.

iPhoneXR or hard to get consumers welcome

Apple also released three new iPhones this year. Two of the iPhoneXS and iPhoneXS max are upgraded versions of the iPhoneX. The main upgrade is to upgrade the processor to the A12. The processor performance is stronger and the dual card dual standby function is introduced. Because the appearance is not much different from the iPhoneX, and the price is higher, it has not been as hot as expected after the listing. Even in the domestic market, there has been a phenomenon that the channel merchants are selling at a price of 1,000 yuan. The iPhoneXS and iPhoneXS max are listed. In a few weeks, the channel price cuts set the fastest record for iPhone price cuts. Last time, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 plus, which were listed last year, were sold by channel dealers in less than two months.

It can be seen that Apple’s iPhoneXS and iPhoneXS max launched this year have not been able to rely on limited upgrades to gain user recognition, which also highlights Apple’s leadership in the smart phone market has been loosened, and in the second quarter of this year it has been China Mobile phone brand Huawei defeated the name of the world’s second largest mobile phone brand.

iPhoneXR is more limited than the iPhoneXS and iPhoneXS max upgrades, and the shooting performance is even worse than the iPhone8 plus, but Apple is still stubborn or arrogant, thinking that it still has unparalleled influence, so this launch was once called Pricing for the cheaper version of the iPhoneXR is much higher than expected. Considering the poor sales of the iPhoneXS and iPhoneXS max, one of the reasons for the over-priced is that the iPhoneXR’s excessive pricing will also hurt consumers’ desire to buy it.

After the iPhoneXS and iPhoneXS max went on the market, the old iPhoneX was unexpectedly hot. Even the channel vendors increased the price of the iPhoneX. It is obvious that many consumers have switched to the iPhoneX. The upgrade of the first two is limited compared to the iPhoneX. The price is too high; the same iPhoneX price is not much higher than the iPhoneXR, but it has the characteristics of OLED screen, thinner and lighter. Perhaps the iPhoneXR’s listing has caused consumers to disappoint and instead choose iPhoneX to further promote iPhoneX sales.

Guo Minghao has always been recognized for his reliable analysis of Apple’s products. However, his analysis of iPhoneX was inaccurate last year. He once thought that iPhoneX is expected to drive Apple’s iPhone sales to exceed 230 million or even 250 million. The result is From the fourth quarter of last year to the second quarter of this year, the iPhone’s shipment growth is limited, and his estimate of the iPhoneXR is likely to be out of alignment again.

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Is it equipped with a 5000mAh battery? Glory magic2 life horror?

Is it equipped with a 5000mAh battery? Glory magic2 life horror?
Although the glory magic2 has not been released yet, the clothes have been almost smashed, and all of them have been seen by the people. As the second-half high-profile Kirin 980 model, it is also a slide-type full-screen design. Expectation is too much.

Mobile phone life has always been the most concerned issue for netizens. The flagship mobile phone’s battery life has also been criticized by netizens. Nowadays, mobile phones are generally charged twice a day, and heavy mobile phone users are more likely to have three charge and four charge per day. Good or bad, and the size of the battery has a direct relationship.

The glory magic2 will be equipped with a 5000mAh capacity battery. The 5000mAh flagship machine is rare. The current flagship machine is basically around 3000-4000mAh. The 5000mAh battery capacity of glory magic2 also represents a longer battery life, coupled with the glory of the mobile phone system optimization, Kirin 980 high-performance low-power features, perhaps can not play games, heavy use of a day.

Not only has the endurance ability, but also the intelligent voice assistant yoyo that will be mounted on the glory magic2 is also very exciting. Now, in addition to making calls, WeChat QQ, playing games, voice assistants are also very playable features, such as Apple’s siri. Samsung’s bixby, Xiaomi’s little love is very smart, will yoyo be smarter than them? Is it important for you to have a mobile voice assistant? Do you use it often?

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Pre-installed Android 9 system One plus 6T official spoiler: will use new gestures to interoperate

The official has confirmed that one plus will release a new 6T machine in New York on October 30th.

Prior to this, the various hardware features and design of this new flagship, such as Xiaolei (ID: leitech), have already exploded, but we still rarely talk about the topic of system and software.

Let’s talk about the system problem of one plus 6T.

According to the latest spoiler news, it will be pre-installed with the latest Android 9 Pie system.

One plus official also revealed some updates on the software level of the one plus 6T in the forum. They said that the new version of the OxygenOS system will usher in a new UI design, and it will change in essence.

The latest Android 9 Pie system has brought a lot of changes compared to the previous generation, such as adding a new gesture interaction method, adding a middle operation bar, using the click, slide and other gestures to return, multi-tasking call out operation . The experience should not be worse than Apple’s “HOME Indicator”.

The latest OxygenOS system developed on the 6T based on the Android 9 Pie system will be further optimized in this interaction mode, using a more special navigation method, which adds a new gesture interaction mode, from the bottom of the phone to the screen. Slide the right end to switch between the two most recently used apps.

In order to ensure stability, the official also revealed that the R&D personnel also conducted thousands of gesture operation tests, and also made a lot of efforts in the smooth operation experience.

After reviewing the other features of the 6T, the machine will be designed with a “water drop full screen” design, the bottom border is extremely narrow, and the chin is not felt, while the “drop-shaped” proactive layout seems to look A lot of exquisite, more screen space.

Equipped with 6.4-inch Optic AMOLED full HD, equipped with Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor, 256GB storage, 3700mAh battery, rear dual camera, and the first “Super Night Scene” mode developed by Qualcomm, memory, it is said that in addition to 6GB/8GB, Will also provide 10GB memory version, become the first 10GB memory phone, but, say 10GB RAM, can you use it now?

The Android 9 Pie system was released in August this year. At present, many models have joined the adaptation work, including Huawei Mate 10 Pro, Huawei P20, Glory 10, Glory V10, Xiaomi Mix2s, etc. The system is in addition to the previous Google Picel. On the 3 series mobile phone, the first one can be experienced on the 6T. Of course, I believe that the new machine that will be launched later will gradually keep up with the trend, and the partners who are eager to play the Android 9 Pie system need not worry.

3.5mm audio interface: It’s time to say goodbye

On September 8, 2016, Apple’s iPhone 7 was officially released – as a “retrofit” that looked at the appearance and the previous generation did not change much, the phone made some considerable subversion in the details. For example, cancel the mechanical Home button to change the vibration feedback button, and, for example, cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack.



Yes, if you are searching the Internet for various reports, spit, discussions, you can still see a lot of jealousy and accusations about this matter – for example, high-end audio players question the quality of the Lighting to 3.5mm adapter. Good, it will cause loss to the sound quality; for example, the average consumer thinks this is Apple’s conspiracy, the purpose is to force the promotion of expensive Lightning interface digital headphones and wireless headphones…


However, in any case, Apple persisted – after the iPhone 8, iPhone X and Xs, XR, 3.5mm headphone jacks have not returned. And not just Apple, after that, more and more Android phone manufacturers have gradually joined the “go to 3.5mm interface” lineup. Today, more than two years later, including LeTV (we still have to admit its leading role), HTC, Xiaomi, Nubia, OPPO and other domestic brands, have canceled 3.5mm headphones in its high-end product line interface.



On the current one plus six, the 3.5mm audio interface is still reserved.


Moreover, just in the days of this article, there is further news that one plus co-founder Carl Pei confirmed that the upcoming one plus 6T will cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, and even Samsung has plans to do it in the second half of next year. Galaxy Note 10 (tentative name) bid farewell to this classic interface.


Why is the 3.5mm interface finally abandoned? In fact, it is really “old”


Two years ago, we could criticize Apple for taking the world by storm, but two years later, when a large number of mainstream manufacturers chose to follow up, the situation has clearly changed. At this time, the wrong one is really not Apple, but the world… Ah no, it is a 3.5mm interface.



3.5mm to 6.35mm adapter cable, the latter history is older than the 3.5mm interface


First of all, the author thinks it is necessary to have one thing with everyone, that is 3.5mm interface, its “age” is really much older than you think – according to the wiki, the original audio jack technology can even Back in 1877, the corresponding “miniature” 3.5mm headphone jack appeared in the 1950s – much earlier than personal computers and mobile phones.


For at least 70 years, the appearance and workings of the 3.5mm jack have not changed – this aspect does illustrate how forward-looking the companies that invented it were. On the other hand, it has gradually made it incompatible with today’s small electronic devices.



When the camera sensor can be improved with the technology, the volume is getting smaller and smaller, the performance is also greatly improved; when the screen of the mobile phone is thinner and thinner for better display effect and compatible screen fingerprint; when the high-performance master needs to be bigger The heat dissipation area, when the mobile phone battery is getting bigger and bigger, the energy density is getting higher and higher – only the 3.5mm interface can not be shortened or thinned, it occupies a huge space in the body of the inch of gold . In this case, in order to achieve a better design, the abandonment of this “old antique” has become the only solution.


Maybe not two years ago, but the conditions are ripe now.


Of course, some friends may think of the original mp3 player to replace the CD, MD Walkman example – at that time, the new technology seems to be advanced, but in fact, the sound quality is retrogressive, the user’s interests have been damaged.


However, if the iPhone 7 cancels the 3.5mm interface two years ago, there is still reason to complain about the lack of alternative products and the poor sound quality of the patch cord. So now, for smartphone users, the 3.5mm audio jack really has a lot more “successors” than it is.



Its ugly extension cable, in fact, has a mystery


For example, for those enthusiasts who insist on using their own top-level HiFi headsets on their mobile phones, HTC has already given a sincere solution when launching its own 3.5mm jack-free mobile phone – based on USB Type-C The interface’s “external sound card”, since then, some professional audio brands have been inspired by this, launched a similar product.


These digital patch cords look similar to the original audio patch cords offered by Apple or other brands, but they all work intrinsically differently: many original patch cords are essentially a cheap wire plus a 3.5mm interface. At this time, the mobile phone outputs an analog audio signal through the USB interface, and is easily affected by wireless interference and poor contact in the patch cord, so the sound quality is not good. However, when the digital adapter cable is connected to the mobile phone, the mobile phone outputs a digital source code that has not been digital-to-analog converted and is not afraid of interference. After that, the signal conversion and amplification are performed in the audio processing unit inside the patch cord, and then directly Output to headphones.



In fact, this “digital audio cable” is essentially equivalent to “transferring” the HiFi circuit that was originally built into the phone to the outside of the phone. And it directly brings two major benefits. One is to divide the digital decoding (mobile phone) and analog amplification (the built-in processor of the extension cable) in the distance to directly reduce the interference; the second is not subject to the size of the mobile phone. With better components, the sound quality is directly improved.


Of course, the above is a relatively “hard core” gameplay. In fact, most manufacturers, including Apple, still want everyone to use Bluetooth headsets – no doubt, it is also specifically for the lack of 3.5mm jacks. Developed a new technology for lossless Bluetooth.



As early as a few years ago, Sony has developed the LDAC Bluetooth protocol that can achieve high-bandwidth transmission of 990Kbps for its own players and mobile phones. With the special codec algorithm, it can realize the lossless transmission of 24bit 96KHz high-resolution audio. – Be aware that the 3.5mm interface of most low-end and mid-range phones does not even support such high-profile audio output. What’s more, Sony doesn’t have “hidden”, but provides this technology. Starting with Android 8.0, all Android phones have LDAC codec built into the system, as long as they have qualified Bluetooth hardware. Module, you can open support for “lossless Bluetooth.”



HiFi headset “Bluetooth upgrade line”


Of course, since it is the audio standard dominated by “Sodom Dafa”, it is not difficult to gain recognition in the industry. So far, there have been a number of headphones that support LDAC lossless Bluetooth technology, and even manufacturers have introduced support for the standard. Bluetooth adapter – as long as the wired headset is plugged in, it can be used as a lossless Bluetooth headset immediately, adapting to high-end mobile phones with 3.5mm interface removed.



In addition, as the main theme of the “no 3.5mm headphone jack” era, wireless headset technology in the past two years is certainly not just a non-destructive agreement: it is light and cheap, Qualcomm has just released a new generation of all Wireless Bluetooth headset chips, such as OPPO O-Free, do not need to distinguish between the main and sub-units and the delay is smaller, the full wireless headset will be more and more in the future. And if the sound quality requirements are higher, then Sony also has a “Bluetooth upgrade line” for the top earphones that can be changed – whether it is a few thousand yuan HiFi headphones, or tens of thousands of custom monitor earplugs, as long as the usual line change Put it on, you can change the Bluetooth device in seconds, and easily adapt to the smartphone…


The experience is no problem, but don’t expect it to be popular.


It is not difficult to see that in the past two years, the two major industries, including mobile phones and audio, have gradually accepted the fact that the 3.5mm audio interface will be made on high-end mobile phones. And unlike Apple two years ago, today’s consumers have already had enough high-quality alternatives, so that after they say goodbye to the 3.5mm interface, the audio experience on the smartphone will not be regressed, or even There can be further improvements.



Of course, the advancement of technology and the improvement of experience are definitely not without cost. At least so far, although the industry has basically solved the problem of the sound quality of the user listening after removing the 3.5mm headphone jack, it is directly The related costs have risen sharply. Whether it’s an external DAC, a lossless Bluetooth adapter or a high-quality wireless headset, the price can’t be cheap: if it’s hundreds or low, it’s more expensive than the “fruit XS”.


Some people may say that there is something good about this. The one I used was originally a thousand yuan machine, and it was also equipped with earphones for 20 yuan. Is it going to spend hundreds of dollars to buy adapters in the future?



Don’t think too much, cancel the 3.5mm headphone jack, and the resulting waterproof design, HiFi wireless, originally not for entry-level products. Therefore, the price is more expensive, and there is no relationship with the low-end mobile phone. Of course, this also means that such products will not cancel the 3.5mm interface – that is destined to be the “privilege” of the flagship.

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On the way to Ili

Among the golden deserts

Can’t see at a glance

The shadows of the setting sun

Listen to Dream Camel Bells

Swaying in the sand

Never stopped

Even bad weather

Even if there is a wolves ahead

I can’t stop the distance I want to reach

I walk through the endless desert

Finally I saw a little oasis

Hear the sound of the turbulent river

I cheered

I know I’m a step closer to you

I swear by the sweet water of the Tarim River

Looking at the reflection in the river

I have a sweet smile

At this time I looked up at the blue sky

It’s the endless stream of rivers

Two blue, two different beauty!

With a dark desert

There is little greenery

I think of the poet’s pen, “The solitary smoke in the desert, the long river goes down.”

I am in this

I am going to leave

Go to the distance I want to reach

I shuttle in the tranquil Populus euphratica

In the setting sun I dance in a long dress

I raised my hands to wave graceful moves

Only for this moment

Dance for nature

I kept forgotten to jump

I remember when I first met you

No matter how hard the road is

Wounded and injured on the foot

I never turned back

Will only go to find you

I am going to leave

Go to the distance I want to reach

I saw that white

Keep moving in the direction of that white

When I walked in, I discovered that the beauty here is like painting.

I know I have reached fairyland on earth

A distant snow-capped mountains

Elegant swan close up

Faint and clear Swan Lake

I do not want to break this comfortable peace

I sit quietly by the lake watching their free play

At this time I was thinking

Distant journey, hard journey

But for this moment it is worth it

I continue to reluctantly move forward

Go to the distance I want to reach

I walked to the center of the Bayinbrook grassland

I heard that it is not only beautiful during the day

The night will be more beautiful

I decided I want to find out

What kind of night is it?

The night sky in Bayinbulak

Is unparalleled

Every star is shining

I know you belong to another star

Always soaring in the sky

And I’m going to search for you

Daylight departure

Go to the distance I want to reach

Accompanied by blue sky and white clouds

Continue to proceed

There will be accompany with the sheep

Timing horses

At this point I think I am free

I go all the way

Finally came to the margin of Ili’s Nalati grassland

The flying eagle

People who are strangers looking down on the earth

I cry so much

Finally came to your hometown

I’m a step closer to you

Those daydreams and nighttime expectations

Will there be an answer?

I laughed

I continued on my way to the city named Ili.

I am in the streets of this bustling city

Looking at passing customers

There is no figure you are familiar with

I will continue

I walk in the purple ocean

The wind blows my hair

It also led to the unique fragrance

Make me intoxicated

I gently stroked the blossoming flowers

When I left, there was a purple lavender flower in my hand.

I think of the language of lavender is – waiting for love

I think I’m the flower waiting for love

When I stood on the calm shore of Salimmu

The scenery is so sober and intoxicated

I still can’t find you

But I don’t regret this trip

The only regret is that I may have missed you

I looked at the clear lake

Breathing the air of your city

Want to get closer to you

I know I may never find you

I know you are not here in the blue sky

You know I’m thinking of you

You are my distant dream

I can only look at you

You are like Naked Brook on the night stars

Shining everywhere

Bring people a better yearning

Your gentle smile

I forget all my troubles

I want to dream of a love journey with you

Even after many years

I will stay here

Waiting for you to come back

Listen to my heartbeat

Even if time passes

I have to wait for you to show my heart

I planted purple blossoming purple flowers at Salim Lake.

Let them drift into the distance

I will stay in the field

Waiting for my love

Impression Yangshuo, Yanyu Lijiang

If life is an unknown journey, hopeful texts and images can make every landscape in the journey eternal! If life is a pious practice, the landscape in hopes can purify the impetuous heart!




Yangshuo in April, like spring like summer, sunny rain only in an instant. Even heavy rain is still warm.


A purposeless trip, only to hear people say that Yangshuo is a place where one person is meditation and nourishment, he will not hesitate to take a trip, look forward to it, and leave on the same day! If I travel, I don’t care what the destination will be. Spectacular scenery, only care about the process and mood!


When I first arrived in Yangshuo, I was deeply impressed! I was amazed at the mountains and rivers here, and the sky was light and sky high! I was amazed at the natural aura and nature of the heavens. The magic of this master is indulging in landscapes and splashes of water. Indifferent works. The high Moon Mountain, the mysterious Totem Trail, the 100-year-old big banyan tree, the magical Longtan Lake, and the bustling West Street… Although they traveled with curiosity, they felt that they were not themselves. The heart’s longing, slightly disappointed.


The last day of Yangshuo was heavy rain. In the middle of the night, Mosquito bugs maddened my dreams, raindrops, and waters. Not only were the echoes quite loud but also passed through the window and entered the night. I had never had a good night’s sleep. I had originally booked the tickets for the bamboo rafting tour of the Minjiang River at 8:30. Hesitated to start again with heavy rain. They said that they should feel fortunate to catch up with the rain and just enjoy the beautiful scenery of the Lijiang River. Rain, there is no meaning to stop, but it does not affect the interest of the visitors. I bought a simple raincoat, boarded a bamboo pole, and started the rain in the Min Riverbank. Smoke lingered, Castle Peaks faintly, rippling blue waves, bamboo poles walking in the water, Castle Peak in front of the pan, watching the landscape changes, times alternate, actually silent do not want words, can not tell what the mood. Is it in the misty and rainy Lijiang River, the exposure to mist and fog, the heart is also confused. Perhaps some trips are only for the dream of curiosity, thinking that they can escape the secular world, but in the end they are trapped in it. In the world, if there is something next to you, there is still the Pure Land?


How long to have a long journey, longing for a strange city to be able to downplay all the sadness, the process of walking can make things easier and the stranger will make everything simple and pure. After walking around, I discovered that all the feelings are in my heart. If my heart is not willing to let go, then the beauty of the United States will only be difficult to get into.


A dream of landscape, a curtain of misty rain. Compared to the scenery of the journey, I was more concerned with the mood at that time. I hoped that the text could make everything eternal, set beautiful scenery, and penetrate the mind. In addition to sentimentality, I would like to sue for silence!


If life is a devout practice, my beliefs are there again? I want to wander around and stop to stay busy and have a lot of stories. Many stories often begin with glitz and finally brilliance. The number of people who persisted in one’s thoughts and ties, and their life-long struggles, made several rounds of reincarnation.


Landscape Yangshuo, style West Street; Qing Shiban, Wu Yi Xiang, coming and going crowds, noisy downtown, who is in the beautiful landscape, who is telling the past of hidden bitterness, who is waiting for the next beautiful , Who else is reminiscing about the past, hurting and leaving the crowd? Not all laughter is from the heart, not all the skeletons are perfect! Someone is fortunate to finally meet the right people at the right time, but also some people regret Which pair of people met at the wrong time. If life is really a long journey, the next station who knows who will be there, will be with them, and at what station will they be separated? There is no regrets and nostalgia for no reason, and even a greeting does not know In what capacity!


If life is really a trip, can I let me slow down and enjoy my favorite scenery more than once? If life is really a practice, can it give me a faith, a few pure lands, and surpass the seven emotions. How paranoid but weak I am, stubborn persistence should not insist, but easily give up should not give up!


In the long journey of life, many of the landscapes were left behind without too much time to wave goodbye. The trip was hurried, just waiting for an eternity. How much is unrepentant for sentimentality? May the world be safe and not be confused!

Excerpts from the beauty of travel

Tourism is one thing that most people like to do. There are many things to learn on the way to travel and you can feel happy. There have also been a lot of beautiful articles about tourism. So let’s take a look at some of the excerpts from the travel articles.
1. I will still travel around the world. Even if we cannot stay together, I still want to share the beauty of the world with you.

2. Wherever there is a distant place, there is a temptation, not because of beauty, not because of distance, but because of my uncanny heart, which makes me restless.

3, travel is not so romantic, those who see the beauty may not make sense, those photos may be placed in the corner. What really matters is that travel allows us to know ourselves. In a strange environment, you can better learn how to get along with yourself. Travel is very tired and it is not beautiful, but it allows you to find yourself in arbitrage and loneliness.

4. There is only one road and a car between heaven and earth. This is the scenery I most want to see. – Hao Yun, “The Adventures of the West Bank”

5. What can be taken away is not important; what is important is not to take it away. We have left a lot of memories here, sweat, tears, friendship, laughter, feelings… all of which will be our treasures. We will remember them and remember them when we think of them.

6, walking on the road, gentle wind stroking cheeks. Looking back at the scenery of Castle Peak here, I feel relieved once again. This fascinating time is dreamlike, so short and long. Pulling away simple bags and getting away… –“Xian Qiwa”

7, travel will choose to walk in line with your counterpart, if not, then a person

8. China’s high prices have destroyed young people’s love and also destroyed young people’s imagination. They could have used poetry, traveling together, and reading clubs. Now, young people will become middle-aged when they graduate from college. Their life, from the beginning, was material and worldly, and they could not experience a romantic life, a way of life oriented to the soul. – Yan Song

9, we continue to refuel it, to make money is important, wait for us to make a lot of money, put those men behind their heads, we four went to travel abroad, so that those men eat instant noodles at home. —— Zhao Geyu “Be a Woman forever”

10. Yes, it seems that when people are in love, they should give themselves a vacation or travel to distant places. In short, leaving this city once saddened you, whether temporarily or forever, when you go to another city, this sad or lost in the new urban infection, will gradually be replaced by new things and people. —— Zhao Geyu “Be a Woman forever”

11, before the age of 25 to be extremely crazy, to see a great concert; a trip to go and go; there is a ready to throw his face to his heterosexual party; crying in the cinema; a high to burst Wanted; drunk; talking about a crazy but fruitless love. Unfortunately, I did not do it one at a time.

12. People are selfish, start a journey selfishly, end a journey selfishly, and never consider the feelings of the people who are involved.

13. The world is a book. People who don’t travel only see one of them.

14. The meaning of travel is not to escape, not to entertain, not to relax, and not to show off, but to wash your body and soul, to give yourself a new look, or even a way of life, to add more to life. The possibility of forks.

15. “The path I have taken is to grow, and the imprint left is life.”

16. She sat quietly in the waiting room and was surrounded by travelers: Sangu and Liupo, Xiongkui, and a young literary person… People are either desperate to leave here, leave thousands of shackles and go on a trip, or are desperate to return here, return to their comfort, and get away from it. travel. And she knew that traveling was something that only happened to her heart. Heart is not free, where are the cage, travel never happened. Someone asked her, “Where are you going?” She took off her glasses and answered, “I’m coming home.”

17, “a person’s travel” Lonely people love a person’s travel and travel people love a person’s loneliness I’m not a very lonely person love but inevitably in life is a person’s desolate I never refuse to escape a people sometimes feel a bit lonely but very good – Liuzhou sk “West notebook”

18. Sometimes I would like to think more about such a person, a SLR, or on foot or by car, and flee this place that has been confined for a long time, only to want to go to the city, to meet people I want to see, to eat my inner desire. a long time but can not do so gourmet ?????? breathing the fresh air of a strange city, renowned for a variety of strange and passionate people, stop and go, so always, always towards the heart of the palace forward ??? southern town, Qinghai, Tibet, England, France, each European town ?????? there are many sorts of goals and dreams na! So on the road, I met the unknown, the most beautiful yourself! I believe that when I step onto the dreamy land, my mouth in the photo will be filled with a happy smile!

19, time, silent; time, never come and go; time, gradually drift away. Time has always been with us. From the moment we were born, the hourglass leaked the first sand until we stopped breathing. Time is a friend, a treasure, an alarm bell. This time we travel one way of life, to live out the infinite vitality in limited time!

20. I like to walk alone on the road. Look at the sun. Look at her from the top of the grass from the corner of the antelope from the dry straw. I like to walk on the road. I don’t hat. Don’t roof. Don’t repeat the wall. I don’t want to see Above the water traces It’s like the shadow of a nightmare I like to walk on the road The sun Loves me And I love all people I long to be a continent Continent under the gaze of the ocean I like to walk on the road I like to see the light on the road at dusk I like one Everyone must have a sun – Gu Cheng

21, life and death of ink, drunk the United States Kanas. – Anonymous

22, you travel alone, deep in different places, unfamiliar environment let you rush, you can not tell the South Gate can not find the North Gate, you will find yourself how small. But it is because of this loss that you only think about it. “I think so I am” and get a sense of presence. Your feet are literally stepping on the land. The picture in front of you is real. The world is not big or small, you are not small, you look ahead, you stand in the crowd, stand on the street, in a corner of the earth. You know that you are living as a living body. Although small, it is an entity.

23. Either reading or traveling. There is always one way to go on the road.

24. Life is a strange travel. It is a beautiful accident to meet anyone. Willingness will happen, and if you don’t want to, even those who are interested will pass by. The edge is God’s purpose and it is artificial. Regardless of whether the edge is deep or shallow, the margin is short and short, and the attainment is good fortune. Life is short and hard, and it is hard to come by. We should all cherish it, and use tolerance and openness to treat everyone and everything in life.

25. Cities and towns throughout the world are our new homes. Let’s go while playing while traveling. This is what I said when I was marrying, but the reality is serious. No, I’ll soon find out the limits of my talent. “Enrolled teacher”

26. Sometimes a trip can really change a person’s state of mind. In the short-term exhaustion, slowly consider the beliefs that have persisted in the past, only to find that when the temperature is exhausted, where there are so many oaths and pursuits, just want a simple stability.

27. Why do people like to travel so much that they meet people they like? Because it is pure. Irrelevance, nothing to do with money, nothing to do with fame … just the most original fit and love.

28, a person a person to eat a person game a person shopping a person to travel a person daze a person giggle…

29, life is a travel, life is a kind of attitude.

30. Life cannot be a journey to go and walk, but people who are far away from the distance must be prepared to walk and leave!

31. The significance of travel is not to browse the scenery, but to a completely unfamiliar environment, emptying yourself, feeling and enjoying the loneliness!

32. Practice in travel

33. I still remember that the sky in Changsha was hazy, less than the clarity of Yunnan, but who would know that the seeds of hope were slowly growing into towering trees. Even if they were dust, they would walk until dawn.

34. Travel has always been a luxury. Either use youth to replace consumption or use money to resist the difficulties. However, people are always restrained from wishing to go out and walk. The world’s roads will never come, so go for comfort. – Zhang Jiajia

35. Going to all parts of the world is to look for an Aventure. Meet the sun, the sea, the city, the cottage, different nationalities and nations, different customs and systems, discover the truth and beauty of others and the world, and awaken oneself and rediscover yourself. He said that all travelers in the world are eager for an “aventure” in the depths of their hearts. “Aventure” is not for a certain girl, but is full of affection for the whole world and nature, society and people, because only In “Aventures”, talents will stare intently and intently, and appreciate and experience selflessly, with good intentions and love in their hearts. Perhaps this is the meaning of “practice”.

36. How many of you will remember what you saw and heard on the road: what church spires you met; where you were praised thousands of times by guided books, photographed in places you mustn’t miss; accompanied by red wine and spectacle After a few old friends finished your travel adventure, how could you feel weak for a moment? How can I have a few lonely trips that I don’t know how to talk with people? There are moments of turbulence that can feel your loneliness. There may be moments of moving even one can not help but wonder if it really happened? With a little emotion, I would be ashamed to talk to people in the familiar city. – Guo Ziying “The Best Time on the Road”

37. It is said that everyone has a little devil who wants to travel.

38. A person’s happiness, a person’s warmth, a person’s travel, a person’s love, may also be a good.

39. “I think we should have a more impulsive journey in our lives. It’s headstrong. It’s best to be in the young age. It’s best to spend your own money. It’s best to go to a very remote place. It’s best to have A friend who can go hand in hand to accompany him.”

40. Nature has the magical function of healing us and it has a positive effect on our endocrine system. When people are on the road, everything around them is unfamiliar. Everyone’s brain back and peripheral neurons are awakened. They are very sensitive. Many long-neglected people have mysterious resurrection. However, it is a good research direction to find out what symptoms have occurred and where to travel. It is possible to obtain better results. — Bi Shumin “Blue Heaven”

41. Just want to carry on a purposeless journey, basking in the sun in a place with flowers and sea, quiet and slow. – A Sam, Go, Your Trip.

42. Life is a journey. Every person, everything and every beautiful scene encountered during the journey can become an unforgettable scene in life. We cannot guess what kind of scenery will be welcomed and where the destination is. However, the pace of progress cannot be stopped because time does not allow us to stay anywhere. We must learn to choose, learn and appreciate and learn to appreciate.

43. Your love is still traveling or where you have settled. Maybe young.

44. Have you ever got a pair of comfortable shoes that you wear for shopping, traveling, dating, going to any place you want to go? Wearing it is old and dirty. You even throw it to the wild cat downstairs. This story is also like your love. – binys

45. You leave me, it is the meaning of travel. “the meaning of traveling”

46. ​​Life is like a trip. I don’t know what kind of person I will see at the next stop. What kind of story happened!

47. A person travels, perhaps alone, perhaps free.

48. If there is no better scenery, more choices that do not need to be compromised, if it can be so eager to go through each day. – Chen Yuzhen

49. Maybe at the time on the road, you met yourself even more. Maybe at that time, you missed a chance to say to yourself: “It’s better than this, my life is actually pretty good; it’s better than this, this is it. Let’s think about the other sidewalk that I haven’t walked yet.” – Guo Ziying “The best time on the road”

50. I like to travel, not travel. Brigade, even if it is sleeping on the edge of the road, just to see the outside world. OK, walking out of an unusual youth with your feet, even if you are so tired that you won’t get up, you will be happy in the setting sun.

51. Two impulses when I was young, one is a love of one’s body and the other is a journey of walking and walking.

52. The charm of travel is here, taking advantage of the importance of this life, and browsing the past and the past. – Jian Xi “The forest of micro halo”

53. Now you know a lot. Things I didn’t understand before. You start to think. May travel. It is a very correct thing. Those sunny days. You have seen strange scenery. Unfamiliar people. Bustling street. Colored faces. Characteristic building. The most famous scenery. and also. Maybe. People who will never see again in life. Because of the strangeness and the courage that must be possessed. These ones . Everything about travel. I know your joy. Your expectations.

54, I want to travel with you one day. Go to places that you haven’t been to before, no luggage, no backpacks, no computers, no mobile phones, sitting on the highest mountain top, catching the last meteor, listening to music, talking movies, eating, if only we are together, casually What – can be.

55. Waiting at crowded bus stops waiting for the blind night market crowds to wander in the long and tedious meetings. The thoughts drift away and you fantasize to travel to find another in the distance. . twenty four. Refuel. .

56. When I was away, you stayed with autumn rain. When I came back, you blocked the winter snow. And how much I hope, you send with Xia Lei. How much I hope, you greet with the spring breeze.