2018 Best Travel Destination

2018 Best Travel Destination

When Fiji begins to become more and more current and you want to avoid people, it is better to come to Samoa to empty.
In addition to being able to greet the first sunrise of the day, this country, which is regarded as a “Southern Paradise” by the famous Scottish writer Stevenson, has an ancient culture, a traditional way of life, and a primitive village hundreds of years ago. Senior travelers love the reason. What’s more, Samoa is a sign of exemption from the Chinese.
The blue sea, the rich marine life, the laid-back lifestyle, and the “world’s friendliest people” — the cute and warm Samoan people. The word “Tatoo” is the Samoan invention. It can be said to be very cute and cool inside!

To say “the most local country”, it must be none other than the UAE.
Whether it is the world’s tallest building, the Burj Khalifa, or the only 7 star hotel in the world; whether it is the serene Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque or the unrestrained Ferrari world… The UAE has many “world’s greatest” countries. There is also passion and passion, and tradition is more carnival.
From January 16, 2018, the UAE will become the 11th country to mutually waive the ordinary passport visa with China. Since then, it has been said that if you go and go, you go shopping, skydiving, slamming sandals, sitting in a hot-air balloon, and sucking in the “hernia” of the UAE.

Chile, the narrowest country in the world, will usher in its 200th anniversary of independence. Moreover, from July 2015 onwards, Chinese travelers who have a valid US or Canadian visa for six months or more may be exempt from entering Chile.
The place where Neruda’s hometown, Valparaiso, can be read as a poem in which Neruda is to be pretended is here. For the natural scenery with different styles, it is worth it.
In the north there are Andean snow mountains, Central Valley area has grape farms, and in the south there is the Baihe National Park. Chile has the trendy capital of Santiago, the world cultural heritage city of Valparaiso, and the seemingly mysterious Easter Island…

Britain is not a fresh destination but it is worth your while to go. Classical and pioneering, elegance and rebellion, tradition and tolerance… The seemingly contradictory “British style” is deeply fascinating.
2018 is a year for carnival. Last month, the British royal family just officially announced that Prince Harry and the American movie star Meghan Markel will hold a wedding in St. George’s Church in Windsor Castle in May 2018. Marker will be the first American to marry into the British royal family. By then, Britain will be transformed into an ocean for all the people to celebrate.
In the past two years, “Brexit” has caused the pound to go lower. There is an additional flight between China and the United Kingdom. It’s perfectly appropriate to go to Britain for travel and shopping.

Georgia, located in the Transcaucasia region, is the “Euro-Asian Crossroads” and is home to Stalin. Not only does it have a sense of history that allows people to remembrance their memories of the passing years, but it is also a multi-national country that blends the charm of Europe, Central Asia, and even the Middle East.
2018, is the 100th anniversary of the National Day of Georgia. Trek in the majestic Caucasus Mountains, wait for the setting sun at the ancient cave convent in Vardzia, stroll through Tbilisi city, experience the simple folk customs of Georgia, and admire the different styles of architecture blending Persia, Arabia, Byzantine, Ottoman, Russia and Soviet Union. All have a different taste.
At the end of 16 Georgia simplified visa requirements for Chinese citizens. Now it is only necessary to submit an electronic version of the photo and passport on the website and pay $20 to apply for a visa. The visa website has a Chinese language interface. If you hold a visa from the United States, Canada, Schengen, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea, you can also sign in to Georgia.

When the mountains meet the sea, when the European civilization strikes Africa wild, when the wild animal meets the jazz and wine… South Africa, known as “the country of the rainbow”, has always been one of the most attractive countries in the world.
You can board the “God’s Table” Table Mountain, look at the sea and sky at the Cape of Good Hope, swing along with wild penguins at Penguin Beach, dive on the South Coast, and watch the sharks swimming beside you; or you can go golfing at Sun City. Take a stroll through the streets of Pretoria, where Lagerstroemia blossoms in full bloom, and enjoy a long, no-burden holiday with wine tasting at the Grand Coniston wine estate, the oldest winery in South Africa.
In 2018, there will be one more reason to come to South Africa – South Africa is about to launch “The Future: Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of Mandela’s Birthday in 2018”. Having seen the history of South Africa and the greatness of Mandela, we can say that we have been to South Africa.

In terms of geography, there is a concept of “pair of points.” In layman’s terms, if two people are standing at the ends of the Earth’s diameter, just like feet and feet, then their position is opposite to each other – regardless of time and space, it is the farthest point on Earth. Interestingly, the confrontation point in Shanghai, China, is Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina.
For China, Argentina can be described as the “most distant country,” but it is no stranger to it: Madonna’s world-famous “I do not cry for Argentina”, the literary youth has a soft spot for “Spring Break”, a football superstar horse. In the hometown of Radonna and Messi, the fiercely tango dance…
In 2018, Argentina has been wonderful. Both the G20 Summit and the Youth Olympic Games will be held in Buenos Aires. It is worth mentioning that these two heavyweight events were for the first time held in South America.
For Wen Qing, it is more worth looking forward to – the “Art Basel Art Basel: Buenos Aires” plan. From September 11th to 16th, 2018, Buenos Aires will hold a series of public art festivals in which the whole city participates in the city’s carnival. How could such Argentina cry?

On December 7, 2017, Pantone announced the 2018 annual fashion color: Ultra Violet, which is the “ultraviolet color”.
Speaking of purple tourism, the first reaction of most people is Lavender in Provence, the town of Jacaranda in Australia, or the wisteria waterfall or wisteria tunnel in the Japanese Ashikaga Flower Park… However, in California, there is another place. Mysterious purple beach.
Paffefo Beach, which is known as “the world’s most romantic beach,” is adjacent to the famous “Road No. 1”. In 1968, the purple sand beach of Paphos was recognized by the National Geographic of the United States as “the only purple sand beach on the planet that was discovered today”. After several decades passed, this “sole” remained unbroken. Still thriving.
Tiffany’s green seawater is no longer strange, and the pink sand beach is not surprising on the ins. The purple sand beach can dominate the circle of friends.
At the same time, 2018 also coincided with the fiftieth anniversary of the assassination of Martin Luther King in Memphis. The Martin Luther King Home in Atlanta will be reopened and a series of poetry and concert events will be held. “Orphans” in New Orleans will usher in the 300th anniversary of the founding of the city. The city will be immersed in the 1718 retro party.

Bosnia and Herzegovina has always been a mysterious country. It is the former “European gunpowder library” and today’s “European Jerusalem.” This country, once devastated by the war, is still alive and quiet, but still retains a glorious tragedy. Therefore, compared to other countries in the Balkans, it is even smaller and more authentic.
On November 28, 2017, Bosnia and Herzegovina became the second European country to implement comprehensive visa waiver for China after Serbia. The two neighboring countries of Bosnia and Herzegovina and Serbia have successively imposed a visa waiver on China, which means that in possession of a Chinese passport, they can not only buy air tickets, leave the Balkans, but can also freely travel between these two countries.
In 2018, just as the 100th anniversary of the World War I ceased, you can go and see the Latin Bridge in Sarajevo. It is on this bridge that the Ferdinand Grand Duchess who ruled the entire Austro-Hungarian Empire were assassinated and detonated. World War I; you can also stroll in the 16th-century Old Town of Baschárhia. The bullet holes everywhere in the “Sniper Alley” are the scars of the city; or you can find Sarajevo’s “Scarlet Rose” on the streets. This is the history of the people of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is also a desire for peace.
The low price of Bosnia and Herzegovina, the low number of people, the long coastline, the beautiful natural scenery, the quiet European town, and the strong religious history all make people feel pleasantly surprised.

If you are still annoyed that 2017 could not witness the 100th anniversary of the “October Revolution” in Russia, don’t be discouraged. Russia in 2018 is even more bloodier. The World Cup is full of sights. There are 12 teams in the top 32, none have participated in the last Brazil World Cup, and two teams have reached the finals for the first time.
During the Russian World Cup (June 14 to July 15, 2018), it coincided with the best travel season in Russia. What a pleasant weather to watch and drink with the fighting nation. What’s more, President Putin has officially signed the bill. Fans who come to Russia to watch the game during the World Cup can be freed from tickets to enter Russia.
Of course, if you come to Russia, how can you see us meet us? The Russian World Cup will be held in 11 cities including Moscow, St. Petersburg, Kazan, Sochi, and Yekaterinburg. There are many famous tourist cities. As a capital, Moscow does not need to be rumored; Saint Petersburg has a royal style and a more artistic atmosphere; Kazan is full of diversity and diversity; Sochi, which hosted the 2014 Winter Olympics, is a holiday resort on the coast of the Russian Black Sea…
If you have plenty of vacations, you can also choose to go to Beijing by train from Russia.

2018, where do you want to go?