3D printing expo in Shanghai

Polyga meets prosumer demand with new line of HDI Compact 3D scanners

Kodak and Twindom launch 3D scanning booth at CES 2018

SHINING 3D unveils EinScan Discovery and HD Prime Packs at CES 2018

Interview: Rocket Lab reaches orbit for first time, announces new advance for 3D printing powered mission

3D printing 10 times cheaper than machining for Moog Aircraft Group

Metal 3D printed engine parts flown on Finnish Air Force F/A-18 Super Hornet

7 billion Melrose takeover bid sends GKN share price soaring, metal powder business in cross-hairs

Danish Technological Institute to open $14.5 million 3D printing facility

GE ups stake in Arcam EBM expands additive manufacturing in Sweden

Manufacturing Technologies Association supports UK Year of Engineering

PrintLab encourages humanities 3D printing with new Classroom portal

Imperial 3D printing report calls for bridge between science and engineering

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IDC forecasts worldwide spending on 3D printing to be nearly $12 billion in 2018

The Best 3D printers of 2018? 3D Printing Industry Awards nominations update

3D printed anti-pollution mask optimized with help from Sinterit and Autodesk

Kidney transplant using 3D printing marks a medical first in Belfast

3D Systems completes 100,000 medical cases, deal with Stryker for 3D printed medical models

The Leapfrog Bolt Pro 3D printer review

MakePrintable file fixing is a 3D printers best friend

SLM Solutions metal 3D printing brakes the most powerful car in Bugatti history

Local Motors receives billion dollar support for Olli 3D printed bus

DNV GL publishes first class guideline for maritime additive manufacturing

The 3D printing expo has opened in Shanghai and this could become one of the most important additive manufacturing exhibitions of the year.

China has been a little slow on the uptake with 3D printing compared to the likes of the US, Japan and even Singapore. Now, though, the global epicentre of mass manufacturing is waking up to the potential of this new technology.

The size of the nation alone, combined with the funding capability of some of the largest manufacturers on the planet, means that China is a huge market that we havent fully exploited as an industry.

That is changing, in 2015 the 3D printing industry in China had an estimated revenue of 7.8 billion Yuan ($1.19 billion), which is double the revenue from 2014.

The World 3D printing Technology Industry Association and China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance combined to invite more than 100 companies to show their wares. More than 8000 guests turned out on the opening day alone and the event was hailed as a major success.

One of the highlights of the show was a Mini Me 3D scanner and printer that could create incredibly life-like figurines of the visitors in attendance. It wasnt the most advanced tech on display, but it was a crowd pleaser.

The CEO of the World 3D Printing Technology Industry Association, Luo Jun, said that 3D printing is taking off in China. He believes that the manufacturing industry as a whole needs to come together, though, to cultivate new talent and help regulate the market.

If Chinese industry can unite and truly embrace 3D printing as a production method then it can help drive the whole industry forward as it did with mass manufacturing. Costs would come down and 3D printers will simply improve thanks to the sheer economy of scale offered by China as a country.

Inevitably there will be resistance as the established manufacturers will be keen to maintain the status quo and protect their profits. Change is going to happen, though, in China as it has everywhere else. The forward thinking Chinese industrialists have accepted this fact and are now looking at ways to incorporate 3D printing into the production cycle.

A lot of Chinese companies are already using 3D printing for prototyping purposes. Now the major manufacturers want to focus on printing speeds to make it a viable alternative to traditional production lines. HP has recently released a printer that focuses on  print speed, but we need to do more as an industry to make it a simple no-brainer when it comes to ditching the old ways.

A conference followed on from the exposition and the obstacles facing additive manufacturing were up for discussion between Chinese industrial leaders, government officials and 3D printings major names.

One initiative that was launched at the expo itself is a new partnership with schools and hospitals to create maker spaces and digital medical centers. The maker spaces will encourage children to use 3D printing from a young age and become accustomed to additive manufacturing as a concept.

Hospitals, meanwhile, can make medical models that have saved lives around the world and helped cut surgery times by giving the surgeon a physical representation of affected hearts, organs and complex surgical procedures.

This could help 3D printing truly take hold in China. Its a simply massive market and we all know that it will make a huge difference to have this Far Eastern nation on board. Expos like this are a step in the right direction and we expect it to be a much bigger show in the years to come.

Nick is a freelance journalist who has covered the cut and thrust of Formula One and the technical side of the supercar industry for the likes of The Sunday Times, Automobile and Penthouse on these shores, Tatler and The National in Dubai. After finally driving an F1 car there was nowhere left to go, so now he is here!

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3D Printing Industry Awards 2018 announced for May

Black Friday 2017, offers from Aleph Objects, Zortrax, ColorFabb and iMakr

99 3D printer available at Westfield this Christmas

Call for papers from UKs Conference on Additive Manufacturing and U.S. NIST MBE Summit

DyeMansion, 3YOURMIND, AM Ventures and TV SD throw the best afterparty at Formnext 2017

A look at metal 3D printing and more inside formnext 2017

What to expect at formnext 2017 from event VP Sascha Wenzler

List of electronics

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This page has a list of allactivereprap electronics. It is still a work in progress.

For a list of electronics that compares features, see theComparison of Electronicspage.

For a list of out-of-date electronics, seeDeprecated Electronics.

32 bits Community based, tested and supported electronics

8 bits community based, tested and supported electronics

32 bits Community based, tested and supported electronics

For 32-bit boards see the32-bit boards category

Name: Generation 7 Electronics

Status: active as of March, 2016

Gen7 is an easy to use, robust and DIY-able board. PCBs can be bought, milled or etched DIY.

NXP LPC1114 processor, delivering up to 130000steps/second.

Up to 1/32 microstepping (uses exchangeable Pololus/StepSticks)

Typically 48MHz CPU clock, overclockable.

Where to Get Parts and/or Full Assemblies

Details for building are on theGen7page. You can download the schematics which are developed usinggEDAover at Github. You can download them by typing:

Single board solution, integrated motor drivers ( witheasy external driver connection)

Based on LPC1769 ( 120Mhz, 64kB RAM, 512kB ROM ) Cortex-M3 microcontroller

A lot of features standard on board, including microSD card, digital current control.

Easy file-based configuration ( no compilation, no firmware upload )

2, 4 or 6 Mosfets ( capable of double extrusion ).

Integrated well-cooled A5984 stepper drivers, capable of going to their full 2A, 1/32 microstepping (3, 4 or 5 drivers depending board version)

USB interface exposing serial and mass storage

Design with focus on cost and connectors options

Ethernet ( includingweb interfaceand network access viaPronterface)

Can also control CNC mills and laser cutters

Where to Get Parts and/or Full Assemblies

Documentation/Schematics & Misc. Notes

Smoothie 3D printer step-by-step guide

documentation starting point page ( flashing, configuring, using )

Hackaday: Smoothieboard, The Be-all, End-all CNC Controller

Creator: Think3dPrint3d and RepRapPro

32 bits Arduino Due compatible ARM-based integrated electronics

Single board solution 123x100mm, 2 versions (V0.6: 4 drivers, V0.8.5: 5 drivers)

32 bits SAM3X8E ARM processor, same as in the Arduino Due

Integrated stepper drivers A4982 with firmware controlled current, 2A

Connector for Duex4 expansion board adding 4 more axes for 5/6 material printing

On board SD 2.0 compliant uSD card slot (supports SDHC cards) for autonomous printing

Ethernet Port with transfer speed up to 400 kb/s with fast SD-card. Programmable MAC address

Integratedweb serverfor control with a browser via Ethernet or control via USB

SupportsRepRap Firmwarefeatures such as IR Z probe, axis compensation, digital current control and multi extruder mixing. DC42 fork support delta, H and CoreXY kinematics.

Support touchscreen interface PanelDue

Fully Open Source and designed in KiCAD, Open Source EDA software

Where to Get Parts and/or Full Assemblies

SeeRepRap Wiki, Duet Where to get it.

Documentation/Schematics & Misc. Notes

RepRapPro Ormerod commissioning documentation

Think3dPrint3d blog post on firmware compilation

KiCAD schematic, board layout and other design files

Replicape is a high end add on board for BeagleBone Black featuring 5 TMC2100 stepper motor controllers, 3 heater MosFets, 4 fans and 6 endstops. It has support for 2 servos, inductive sensor and cold end monitoring.

High power TMC2100 stepper drivers with 1/256 microstepping

Dallas 1-wire connector for up to 10 temperature probes.

On board 12 V and 5 V step down DC-DC converters.

Ethernet, USB host/device, SPI, I2C, WiFi through dongle

Programmable microstepping and current for the stepper motors.

Dedicated 200 MHz on-chip CPU for stepper timings (PRU)

PWM and MosFet drivers on all MosFets.

4 GB on board flash and MicroSD slot

HDMI output for 4.3 capacitive touch screenManga Screen

Where to Get Parts and/or Full Assemblies

For 8/16-bit boards see the8/16-bit boards category

Status: active as of May, 2013

Melzi is a low-cost all-in-one solution for Reprap and other CNC devices. It features an on board Sanguino clone using the ATMEGA644P or ATMEGA1284P. Its four axes are powered by Pololu pin compatible stepper drivers.

Where to Get Parts and/or Full Assemblies

Documentation/Schematics & Misc. Notes

Name: PiBot for Repetier Motherboard

Status: active as of July, 2013

It Offer an easy convert solution that to change your CNC machine into a 3D printer.

Easy use for DIY enthusiast, convenience for secondary development.

More extrude header and more types of machine support.

Make it similar to computer host and you can easily handle it only plug few cables.

PiBot-Box development kit Supported. Offer a set of solution to your electronics. Easy use and transplant.

IDC & HT-396 cold-pressed terminal,It means these anti-plug linker is very convenience,fast and reliable.

build-in pins assignment silk in the Top Over layer. It more convenience to change or make your own assignment.

Officially authorization to add the Repetier terms on the boards. Support all the function in theRepetier-HostandRepetier-Firmware.

Compatible all of the pins in the Arduino Mega 2560 and Arduino ADK

Its flexible! Capability to supply motors and heaters with a different voltage.

The heat bed with independent power source and Self-recovered safety. With two MOSFET parallel solution that can driver more powerful heat bed(optional function, you can use the soldered MOSFET only).

Its affordable! PCBs are easy to buy or to manufacturePiBot, RepRap, CNC machine or to etch DIY.

Heater driver with heat sink,compatible more powerful heated header.

PiBot for Repetier MotherboardandPiBot TB6600 Stepper Driverare discrete solutions.

CPU: ATmega2560, ATmega1280 (Atmel Corp.)

4x to 6x PiBot TB6600 Stepper Driver, exchangeable, up to 4.5A output and 45v input,adjustable microstepping. Using a IDC-24pin port, neat and dust-free finish.

Integrated hardware for a fan, three extruder, a heated bed, 4 temperature sensor, 6PiBot Endstops.

IDC-20pin expand port, include: SD cards, keys, dispaly LCD (lcd1602 or lcd2004),reset button.

Extension Boards for additional extruder, temperature sensor, fans, I2C bus device.

Extraction free pins use for whatever is desireable.

Single Supply, use the LM317File:LM317 for PiBot.pdf3-terminal adjustable regulater, 5v supply solution. So the input can up to 40v.

All parts are licensed underCC BY-NC-SA 3.0.

PiBot for Repetier(recommended for beginners)

Marlin(recommended for advanced users)

Where to Get Parts and/or Full Assemblies

seePiBot hardwareandhow to DIY one PiBot for Repetier.

Status: active as of August, 2011

RAMPS has become the most popular, most used RepRap electronics from 2012 up until the present date (february 2015). It shares circuitry concepts (stepper driver, thermistor, heater MOSFETs, etc.) with many other electronics. Also note that the price of both the RAMPS board and the Arduino Mega 2560 as well as the Pololu drivers has been driven down by copycat manufacturers in China (warning: the quality of clone parts can vary a lot from manufacturer to manufacturer and even between lots from the same manufacturer).

up to 1/32 microstepping (using DRV8825 based driver boards)

etch resist prepared up to v1.3, v1.4 is optimized for smd

Where to Get Parts and/or Full Assemblies

Other RAMPS derivatives exist:

Sanguinololu is a low-cost all-in-onePololu Electronicssolution for Reprap and other CNC devices. It features an onboard Sanguino clone using the ATMEGA644P though a ATMEGA1284 is easily dropped in. Its four axes are powered by Pololu pin compatible stepper drivers.

Pololu interchangable motor drivers

Where to Get Parts and/or Full Assemblies

The SAV MkI is an affordable all-in-onePololu Electronicssolution for 3D printer devices. This 3D printer board electronics has been designed using all the great contributions and feedback from the RepRap CloneWars groupProyecto_Clone_Warsin Spain.

It improves upon the previous production-grade electronics set by adding well dimensioned logic-level power MOSFETS, SD card support, on-board regulated 3.3V to connect to 3.3V level peripherals such us Bluetooth, as well as improving on USB links reliability and reducing cost by eliminating the FTDI UART chip. The SAV MkI is a derivative of Teensylu and the Printrboard, an AT90USB1286 development board originally based on Sanguinololu. The Atmel AT90USB1286 MCU has an on-chip USB, removing the need for the FTDI UART (USB-to-serial) IC. On-chip USB means that you will get faster firmware upload times, communications, g-code transfer and reduce the time file transfers take from the host to the on-board microSD card. The AT90USB connects at any baud rate regardless of firmware configuration, and operates virtually free of serial communication errors/pauses.

Hotend and heatbed well dimensioned FETs that can take up to 15A without heat-sinks.

High speed native USB interface connectivity going up to 12Mbps so that there is no lag on your prints.

12V built-in fan controller for your layer fan or hot end cooling.

Micro SD reader for autonomous printing.

Bluetooth dongle (dongle not provided, tested with HC-05 and HC-06) interface adapted to its logic levels for wireless operation.

Expansion bus to connect a keyboard and LCD. Checkout its LCD companion theSAV 3D LCD

Support for 4 standard pololu compatible stepper motor drivers.

Up to 1/32 stepping with DRV8825 driver

Integrated hardware for a fan and 2 12V dedicated outputs.

Expansion port for LCD moduleSAV 3D LCD

Marlin (recommend to download from the SAV MkI wiki page -SAV_MKI)

Where to Get Parts and/or Full Assemblies

Arduino compatible RepRap electronics

A lot of features standard on board, including SD card and thermocouple support

Compatible with the standard Arduino software

Cheaper solution, because its one board

Easily extendible with LCD and keypad!

Where to Get Parts and/or Full Assemblies

Arduino Mega compatible RepRap electronics

Five extension slots for DICE stepper drivers or other extensions

Compatible with the standard Arduino software

Very powerful stepper drivers available. Up to 5A and 256x substepping depending on the choosen DICEs.

Easily extendible with LCD, SD card and keypad!

Where to Get Parts and/or Full Assemblies

Arduino Due compatible RepRap electronics

Arduino Due shield – 84Mhz processing power

Five extension slots for DICE stepper drivers or other extensions

Compatible with the standard Arduino software

Very powerful stepper drivers available. Up to 5A and 256x substepping depending on the choosen DICEs.

Easily extendible with LCD, SD card and keypad!

Where to Get Parts and/or Full Assemblies

electronicsname=SinapTec author=jobostatus=active as of August 2017, v328.02 description= Arduino Nano based modular RepRap electronics. Etchable. DIY SinapTec uses theArduino Nano. It shares circuitry concepts (stepper driver, thermistor, form factor.heater MOSFETs, etc.) with many other electronics that have theRAMPSform factor. The Arduino Nano is probably the cheapest Arduino board, with clones, that use standard RepRap firmware.

Arduino compatible RepRap electronics

License=told to beGPL, but only schematic image and BOM published, seeLicenses

Small design – board is 110mm x 65mm

Up to 4Pololu stepper driver boards(orPololu compatible) on-board (X,Y,Z,Extruder)

FT232RL on-board for USB connectivity

3 N-MOSFETs for extruder, bed and fan

Selectable 12v/5v voltage or mechanical endstop

Extra pins available for expansion and development

Compatible with the standard Arduino software

Easily extendible with LCD and keypad!

Where to Get Parts and/or Full Assemblies

Documentation/Schematics & Misc. Notes

32 bits ARM-based integrated electronics, plug-in drivers, smoothie compatible

License= Not mentioned on board nor on published documents

Single board solution with plug-in drivers, 104x68mm

Compatible with LPC1768 based firmeware

5 Driver sockets For A4988 (default is 1/16 micro stepping) or DRV8825 (default is 1/32 micro stepping

1 High Current Mosfet for Heat bed control

4 end stops and 3 thermistor inputs

Wide input high efficiency switching Power supply (5v @ 1A max)

USB interface exposing serial and mass storage

Where to Get Parts and/or Full Assemblies

license=indicated GPL on board schematic, but sources are not supplied, seelicenses

5 plug-in drivers up to 1/32 microstepping (using DRV8825 based driver boards)

Please add link to 32 bits version?

Where to Get Parts and/or Full Assemblies

Status: site dead, no development since 2012

Please read more on the official web page:

license=CC-BY-NC(You are free: to Share and Remix. Under the following conditions: Attribution and Noncommercial)

Just one board, a complete solution, to control your RepRap 3D printer (can also control any other 3D printer/laser/milling);

Plug and print – you will receive it completed assembled, tested, with proper versions of software and manuals on MicroSD card. No need to search on the web for the correct versions!

High speed printingand quality due to the cutting edge technology 32 bits ARM microcontroller running at 100MHz with fast integrated USB controller;

MicroSD Card for stand alone printing (no need to be connected to a computer while printing) and to store board configurations in human readable text files.

Buzzer to alert user of the different states of the 3D printing process, like end of machine heating, start and end of printing, etc;

USB bootloader working as a USB Mass Storage device (works on Linux, Windows and MAC OS) – you will just need to copy/paste new firmwares to board as if is a USB pen flash;

Expansion header to support other functionalities like a second extruder for support material, supporta laser to engrave/cut paper, wood, ABS, PLA, etc;

24/12 volts power input. At 24 volts power losses on cables are lower providing faster heating making it quicker to start printing;

All the firmware were developed with OpenSource development tools: ARM GCC, ARM GDB, OpenOCD JTAG Programmer/Debugger and Eclipse. We intend to continue developing firmware and expansion modules, for adding new features. We envision the R2C2 to became the Arduino of the RepRap world.

Open Source: R2C2 source files of PCB, schematic and firmware are available on R2C2 Github account and so every user can take advantage and improve/adapt/hack R2C2 for his own purposes.

R2C2 firmware is a mix of the famous GRBL and TeaCup firmwares. Latest stable firmware binary file can be downloadhereand is ready to flash using R2C2 USB bootloader.

R2C2 firmware sources are onR2C2 Firmware Github.

The quick and easy to install R2C2 complete electronics kit for RepRap 3D Printers can be foundhere.

R2C2 Electronics documentation, support and shop on official site:

Please go toDevelopment pageto know how to get the source files. (The link given there to the firmware sources is broken, try the next higher directory at

Single board solution, +/- pix4 inches

Based on Atmel SAM3U Cortex-M3 microcontroller

A lot of features standard on board, including microSD card, digital current control.

5 Mosfets, 5 well-cooled stepper drivers ( supports dual extrusion )

Where to Get Parts and/or Full Assemblies

If you have some knowledge of electronics and want to help us make better electronics, check out the ideas atVaporware ElectronicsFuturePlansFutureToolIdeasFirmwareWishListAlternative Electronicsideas to place

Prismlab China Ltd

Primslab is committed to developing the exposure equipment and light-sensitive chemistry technology.

Prismlab has complete intellectual property rights for self-developed MFP technology, which can be up to high speed, high precision and large format size.

Prototyping speed: 5-10 times faster than other SLA equipment at home and abroad.

Output capability: over 10 times faster of output technology than other SLA equipment at home and abroad.

Prototyping precision: 66m on 400mm

Raw material: Self-developed and manufactured 3D printer products and light-sensitive resin

Prismlab China Ltd, founded in 2005is a High-Tech enterprise integrated with opticalmechanicalelectrical technology, computer software & hardware and photopolymer materials and further engaged in R&D, manufacturing, and sales of high-speed rapid prototyping machines based on SLA technology. Its products spread across over 50 countries and regions, winning critical acclaim from users worldwide.

Focusing on R&D, manufacturing and further sales of 3D rapid prototyping machines, Prismlab was authorized to be the Council Members of China Machinery Industry Standardization Technology Association, Shanghai Additive Manufacturing Association and Shanghai Industrial Design Association, the Sponsor Units of Asia-Pacific 3D Printing Application Promotion Alliance and China Industrial 3D Printing Council and the Member Unit of China 3D Printing Technology Industry Alliance.

Its products passed the CEobtained China recognized national testing product quality awardUS PMA rating first, etcand was awarded Shanghai high-tech enterprises. and won the Taiwan Golden Pin Design AwardiF Industrie Forum Design, etc.

Almost 40% staff is devoted to R&D work of products.

Based on abundant experiences in photo-sensitive technology, mass production, and trans boundary transformation, in 2013, Prismlab developed the patented SLA technology called MFP and further launched Rapid Series 3D printers and corresponding consumables – photopolymer resin. Products have the following characteristics:

1. Hourly output Up to 1000 grams, 10 times faster than other SLA system available

2. Up to 100m precision for any parts of 600mm high ;

3. Self-developed and produced printers and materials, greatly reducing unit printing costs;

4. Patented technologies, breaking patents limitations in foreign markets.

On EuroMold Expo 2014, the largest and most professional event for 3D printer, Prismlab became the exclusive participator in industrial field from China due to patents protection, which means equal competitiveness with foreign commercial giants.

Matrix exposure system from Prismlab team leads to reduced unit printing costs, and shortened delivery time, making 3D Printing easily accessible to applications and industries which feel sensitive to processing period and printing costs.

At present, Prismlab, taking this as the foundation, strives for innovative thinking:

1) Use their own advantages in production of 3D printing equipment and consumables, innovate the applications on basis of advanced concept of Orientation of Applications, Innovation of Materials, Matching Ability of Equipment

2) Utilize the prominent advantages of high printing speed and unit printing costs to enter into customer market, subvert the traditional concept of thinking 3D printing limited to scientific research and testing, focus on markets of medical and portrait models and establish a B-B-C business model.

3D printing will eventually change the world, but must change herself before changing the world. Prismlab China Ltd, as a High-Tech enterprise, has made certain achievements in R&D of 3D printing equipment and materials. With close attention of Shanghai municipal leaders at all levels, we believe Prismlab will be able to accelerate innovation, strive to be bigger and stronger, and make its due contribution to change the 3D printing industry.

Prismlab has gained self-developed technology and over 10 patents for our 3D printer, which can avoid the potential risk of patent infringement, and equally compete with overseas enterprise of 3D printing products.

Prismlab remains lower costs for 3D printer and its corresponding light-sensitive resin than 3D printing products of same kind at home and abroad.

Prismlab has a professional team engaged in photographic field over ten years.

Prismlab has a technical expert working as the vice chairman in National Photographic Machinery Standardization Technical Committee SAC/TC107and the member of China Culture & Office Equipment Association (CCOEA), who will contribute to its standardization of SLA 3D printing products.

Creative DesignContribute to creative design

Increase the freedom of creative design

MedicalMedical Teaching, Preoperative Discussion, Operation Mimesis

EducationalContribute to vividly explain abstract concepts

Cultivate students practical ability

IndustrialRealize efficient communication between different design depts.

Serve for the image publicizing for new products before marketing

Vividly show new product to customers

ArchitecturalRapidly make environmental architectural model at a low cost

Vividly present architectural layout

Vivid lay-out display for commercial purpose3D Print India successfully opened, Indias 3D printing market has great potential

On June 27, 3D Print India was successfully opened at the NIMHANS Convention and Exhibition Center in India.

Prismlab 3D Printer – RP400S & Double-sided machine – GAEA-5603

Chinese 3D printing services to grow

Frogs journey goes viral among youngsters especially the girls

5-year targets cover land, air and water

Uni to start a class to teach students how to lose weight

Forecasters warning of blizzard on the way

Probe into sudden decision to shut English training institute

Zverev fined US$45,000 for poor performance

Sandgren deletes tweets after ruckus over controversial ties

Klopp says Liverpool dragged into a fight

Its time for govt to hold tech companies to account over rumors and fake news online

Reality wins over rhetoric in heated debate about Americas trade deficit with China

Giddy markets and grim politics in the new year

International struggle for comfort women

Opinion deputy editor of Shanghai Daily

Its time for govt to hold tech companies to account over rumors and fake news online

China and the Middle East seek a new future together, building on past strengths

Singer Sargents Gassed painting loan coup

Award-winning Russian pianist Andrey Pisarev stages solo recital

Freestyle skiers slippery slope to Olympics

Ankara library saves pulped fiction

Versace TV drama dismissed by family as fiction

Four women Breaking the Waves in opera

THE Chinese market for 3D printing services is set to grow dramatically to 50 billion yuan (US$7.58 billion) by 2020 because they will be more accessible and customized within several years, Stratasys, the worlds biggest 3D printer, said yesterday in Shanghai.

The lower cost and threshold of 3D printing services opens up possibilities that include making it accessible for doctors to better serve patients, engineers to maintain airplanes and designers to customize their artworks, according to Stratasys.

Revenue in the global 3D printing market will hit US$327.8 billion by 2023, a 26 percent annual growth from this year, said Marketand Markets. In China, the market revenue will hit 50 billion yuan by 2020, triple this years 17.3 billion yuan, Stratasys said.

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Inside 3D Printing Shanghai

Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo Shanghai 2016

Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo Shanghai 2016

SWEECC, Shanghai World Expo Exhibition And Convention Center

Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo Shanghai 2016is planned to start on 30 Nov and end on 02 Dec 2016.

The Trade Show will take place atShanghai World Expo Exhibition And Convention Centerin Shanghai, China.

Inside 3D Printing Shanghaiis going to be a platform where a lot of important items are going to be showcased. Some of these are about Printing Industry, Printing, Printing Technology and 3D Printing.

Inside 3D Printing Shanghaiis organized annually.

Rising Media is the PCO ofInside 3D Printing Shanghai,Inside 3D Printing Conference & Expo Shanghai 2016.

Let Shanghai must do attractions make you fall in love with this city when you are there forInside 3D Printing Shanghai. Here are top notch things to do inShanghai!

Manufacturers & Prototype Specialists

Medical, Dental, & Prosthetic Specialists

Shanghai World Expo Exhibition And Convention Center

Address : 1099 Guozhan Rd, Pudong Xinqu, Shanghai Shi

Event tourists China guide. Recommendations for accommodation, dining and attractions. Smart tips f…

Smart advices and recommendations for the best accommodation options and things to do in Shanghai. A…

China International Fenestration Exhibition 2018

24th China International Composites Industrial Technical Expo 2018

9th Shanghai International Catering and Ingredients Exhibition 2018

Fusion Tech

As a leader in the 3D printing industry, Shanghai Fusion Tech Co., Ltd. consolidates talents from Fortune 500 and prestige universities such as MIT, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University and others. 3DBacked by a powerful R&D team in 3D printing, with members from home and abroad, Fusion Tech is committed to providing 3D printers and materials to customers in areas such as industrial design, manufacturing, medical services, 3Dcultural innovation, R&D, education, families, construction and cultural preservation, etc.

Being an owner of many patents and software copyrights, Fusion Tech holds the Double Soft Certification as granted by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. As a new, high-tech enterprise, Fusion Tech has received several innovation grants from the Ministry of Science and Technology along with risk investments from famous financial institutions. 3DFusion Tech has subsidiaries or branch offices around the world, thus comprising a global network that provides high-efficiency 3D printers and related professional services for customers from China and abroad.

Fusion Tech integrates quality resources, both upstream and downstream, within China and from overseas. We want to join hands with every stakeholder in society to accelerate the development of the 3D printing industry, vitalize the conventional production with scientific innovation, and improve peoples lives through science and technology.

SLA 3D Printer

13DSLM Rapid Prototyping Equipments (SLA 3D Printers)

The 3DSLM Rapid Prototyping Equipments rely on the stereolithography (SLA) technology, which is

often considered the pioneer of the additive manufacturing processes. The SLA process utilizes a

vat of liquid photopolymer resin cured by ultraviolet laser to solidify the pattern layer by layer to

3DSLM-450 and 3DSLM-600. They share the same technology and are structurally similar.

The main difference lies in build volumes.

1. Compatible with different kinds of resin, including ABS,PP-like, Clear and heat- resistant materials;

2. Automated printing system, automatically driven by CAD data, no special tooling and tools required;

First 3D printer for made in space developed in Shanghai

EnglishPeoples Daily Online Exclusives

First 3D printer for made in space developed in Shanghai

(Peoples Daily Online) 18:18, December 08, 2014

twitterfacebookSina Microblogreddit

Wang Lianfeng, senior engineer at Shanghai Academy of Spaceflight Technology operates an aerospace 3D printer on Dec. 7, 2014. The academy has successfully developed a multi- laser metal 3D printer. In the future, astronauts can print all items with just one 3D printer in space. (Xinhua/Zhang Jiansong)

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MCreatures 3D Printing in Shanghai

Im very excited to introduce Shapeways Crew member Xiaoxiao Zhang, who reached out to us about organizing Shapeways meetups in Shanghai. Through her companyMCreatures, Xiaoxiao is an energetic advocate of 3D printing in China and is deeply involved in introducing 3D printing through collaboration with art institutions, educators and community events. The firstShanghai Shapeways Community Meetupwill take place May 20th.

In China, there is fairy tale known known as Maliang and the Magic Writing Brush. It takes places in ancient China and is about a boy named Maliang who lived a miserable life, until one day, as a reward for his kindness, he received a magical writing brush. His new brush transforms everything he paints into a real object. If he is hungry, he can paint himself a pancake or maybe Kung Pao chicken (as this might be the most known Chinese dish). In real life this magic brush does not actually exist, or I so thought until I first saw how a 3D printer created an object. Then I realized that the story of Maliang and the Magic Brush is finally happening in real life!

This year we launchedMCreaturesafter getting our very first Makerbot. The company name, MCreatres, stands for Maliang Creatures and is inspired by this fairy tale of the magical paint brush. MCreatures projects have three main points of focus: 1) organizing 3D printing hangouts and events to let curious people know what it is and why it is so fun 2) provide 3D hardware to people whoever wants to use, borrow or purchase them 3) connect people to skills and each other with art and education programs. With MCreatures we wanted create a place and a way to let our people know that we are living in an amazing era where we can turn bold ideas into reality.

Heres a little more about what we do:

My dad, like many people in China, still doesnt really believe that now you can transplant an organ that comes out of a printer. To promote the concept of 3D printing to people in Shanghai we started to organize a few hangouts and workshops to introduce this concept, including a hands-on experience session to let them try out the 3D printing. The hands-on session of the hangout feels especially joyful. Apart from the hangouts, weve also been representing MCreatures at local startup networking events, comic gatherings, and community events like City Run.

When we organize or attend events we are constantly being asked about where to use or to get those home 3D devices, such as a 3D pen, desktop printers and filament. So besides providing free trials and leases, being a dealer of 3D devices came naturally to us. Weve been excited to see that that buying a 3D pen started has to become a hit for those who want to have different ideas for a unique birthday present.

Our team is quite fond of art and many of our projects have focused on creating a fusion between 3D printing and art. Cooperating with a newly established art museum in Shanghai, we did our first project which we 3D printed the Chinese surnames in 3D calligraphy form designed by an artist, enabling more interaction between audience and the silent art pieces in the exhibition room.

We are also working on teaching kids the scientific theory behind 3D printing, providing them the opportunity to experience the technology through either printers or pens, which all helps kids understand more about the new technology.

While MCreatures is still a newbie to 3D printing and excited to explore its possibilities, Shapeways is already helping to realize a lot of great ideas, especially with the huge support that comes with its global networks. Thats why we think its great to introduce this relatively more mature community to Shanghai and also China. In the coming few months, MCreatures will be more focused on doing some casual meet-ups cooperating with Shapeways or fun 3D workshops to help everyday people in Shanghai discover this magical writing brush. At MCreatures we hope to meet and support more Shapies in our neighborhood, and work to create an ideal community for all 3D printing lovers.

Join MCreatures for their firstShapeways Community MeetupMay 20. You can alsojoin the discussion with other Chinese Shapieson the Shapeways Forum.

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3D printer can cure cancer

To say that the greatest invention of the century, the 3D printer can count on. It can not only print the house can also print organs, and now even if the cancer can be saved by 3D printing!

Recently, a 54 year old male patient in Spain because the cancer cell sarcoma (chest wall erosion sarcoma) lost the chest rib, but because the area is too large and this place is also very difficult to restore, so the medical team worship 3D printing gift, to create a titanium alloy bone, also successfully implanted in his body!

Because this is the first example, it shocked the global medical community, the first team by high resolution CT scan of the patients chest, and then reconstructed a model which contains the tumor, so that the surgeon can accurately measure the planning, and try to reduce the patients body damage.

The greatest invention of the century, 3D printer

The Spanish hospital medical team commissioned in Australia Melbourne Anatomics medical equipment company, titanium components please their patient 3D print a very complex structure, can make the perfect combination with sternum and rib structure and can completely fit the thoracic cavity implant object.

Then, Anatomics will then send the file to the Commonwealth Scientific and industrial research organization CSIROs 3D printing laboratory Lab 22, with a $1 million 300 thousand Arcam metal 3D printer production.

Its principle is to use a powerful beam of electrons to melt the metal powder, and then stacked up and down a layer of 3D printing objects, and then polished fine, to ensure the quality of finished products.

Wait until the Spanish hospital got this group after the super high-tech titanium alloy rib for surgery, less than 12 days, the operation is a success, the patient was discharged, this is a miracle in the medical profession!

Biotech Corp in Melbourne, Anatomics has also called for an old man called 3D Chandler printed new foot calcaneus.

The 71 year old Len Chandler had suffered from progressive diffuse pain, torture, after being diagnosed with foot cartilage tumors. This cancer is often easy to cause the lower leg below the knee will be lost, because the foot of the calcaneus may rupture.

The medical team without tumor on MR Chandlers left foot was 3D, then Anatomics company through the mirror design and manufacture of his right foot model, then use the most advanced Arcam 3D printer, according to the model of 3D to print out a titanium calcaneus.

The 3D print heel bone not only in shape and Chandlers own bone perfect fit, but also very smooth surface, in order to seamlessly with other bones, tendons and muscles. In addition, the implant must also be porous to facilitate tissue growth. At present, the reality of Chandler recovery in good condition, has been able to lose crutches walking.

Bones and the perfect combination of the body, people can not help but think of wolverine!

:The successful implementation of the 3D Changsha rib fracture surgery department

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