3D Printing Content Conference

: Content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the Internet, just as it was in broadcasting.

The same holds true for 3D printing. Most emphasis has been put on 3D printers, and there is no doubt that the industry is advancing by leaps and bounds. However, for 3D printing to prosper, there must be items to 3D Printing content to 3D print, 3D Printing marketplaces where those items can be found and secure distribution channels.

A 3D Printing content owner focuses on the 3D content, irrespective where the 3D model will be 3D printed. This offers new opportunities for product manufacturers, 3D content rich organisations, maintenance engineers, brands, (product) designers, entrepreneurs, gaming industry, merchandising companies, and publishers to monetize their products/designs in new ways.

We welcome you to the3D Printing Content Conference.The innovative networking event for everyone involved in 3D design, 3D Engineering, 3D content, Product marketing, Manufacturing and Industry 4.0 / Smart Industry.

The creation of 3D Printing content design and 3D modelling software

Digital distribution of 3D Printing content marketplaces and online platforms

3D Printing content as part of product manufacturers portfolios from households to professional products

3D Printing Content and Industry 4.0 / Smart Industry

The 3D Printing publisher / 3D Printing productmanager, a new profession?

3D Printing content as part of merchandising f.i. the gaming industry

Shifting from 2D content to 3D content f.i. from graphic design to 3D design

IP, liability, legal and technical issues

Benefits of attending.The Conference will consider these issues, present case studies from existing companies and from startups. How are some of the biggest brands in the world undertaking their first steps into this industry?

Stay up-to-date! Be informed about the conference and receive the latest 3D printing news. Facebook, join theLinkedIn forumand the discussion on .

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Leave your stamp on the things you buy. Take a look at some of wonderful companies we work with to offer a great range of unique, customizable products.

No matter the occasion, no matter the budget, our talented community of designers makes sure there is something for everyone in our 3D printing marketplace.

Looking for answers? Simply search our Help Center for the most common questions or browse our helpful articles.

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Share your 3D printing projects, meet fellow designers, get feedback from community members, and receive professional advice from the i.materialise team.

Get updated about outstanding 3D designs, the newest 3D printing technologies and the best 3D modeling software tutorials.. »

Share your 3D printing projects, meet fellow designers, get feedback and professional advice from the i.materialise team. »

The i.materialise blog keeps you updated about outstanding 3D designs, the newest 3D printing technologies and the best 3D modeling software tutorials.

3D Printing in Metal: More than Jewelry!

Top 10 3D Printed Valentines Day Gift Ideas

Could there be anything more romantic than combining Valentines Day with 3D printing? I dont think so. If you are looking for ways to bring the personalized touch of 3D printing into your Valentines Day gift exchange or if youre simply interested in 3D printing jewelry, look no further. In this blog post we will show you the top 10 3D printed Valentines Day gift ideas.

Polyamide (SLS) is the material that offers the most freedom of design for 3D printing. Its also the material that can be finished in the most colors. But sometimes, this is not enough to create the 3D prints of your dreams. Thats the case of Brian Wise, a 3D printing beginner who successfully finished his first 3D-printed project, from sketch to painted 3D model.

Is it plastic? Is it a metal? Alumide is both at the same time! This 3D printing material combines the design flexibility of polyamide (SLS) with the shine of aluminum. The final 3D prints are polyamide (SLS) models with a metallic-looking surface.Its your all-time favorite polyamide with a sparkle!

Read on if youve always wondered how 3D printing in alumide works and how you can get the perfect alumide 3D prints.

Designing for 3D printing is not always an easy task. While creativity has no limits when youve mastered the right 3D design software, optimizing 3D designs for 3D printing can be tricky for beginners.

Thats why we wanted to offer you a compilation of the best design tips for 3D printing given by those who know it well: 3D professional designers.  How does their 3D design process look like? Which 3D printing software do they use? Which tips would they give to new 3D designers? Read on to discover their thoughts!

Simply BU is the brand behind Burçin Uçak, a Turkish interior architect based in Belgium with a remarkable talent for 3D printing. She has brought her designing talents to the 3D printing world with stunning jewelry and accessories.

This designer merges her interest for new technologies and materials with 3D printing, up-cycling and 3D game design. Welcome to the world of Simply BU!

2018 is here and we wanted to wish you a Happy New Year!

We also have a little favour to ask you.

3D printing is an ever-growing subject and it can be approached from many different angles. We are coming up with new ideas for our blog in 2018 and we would like to know your opinion on the topics we should cover, as well as the kind of content you enjoy reading about the most.

At the end of the day, you are the reason why we write and its important for us to know why you read our stories.

To make things easier we prepared a little survey. It will take just 50 seconds (we promise, weve timed it!).

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year filled with creative projects. We would like to thank our community for a 2017 filled with great 3D printing designs and amazing stories. Your trust is the real source of our inspiration!

It has been an exciting year for i.materialise and we cant wait to see what the next year has prepared for us and for you.

Enjoy your holidays and keep on 3D printing! (more)

We couldnt finish looking back at 2017 without a special mention of some of ourfavorite 3D-printed jewelry designer stories. There are so many 3D jewelry artists working with us, who continuously show how broad the possibilities of materials and styles are when working with 3D printing! This year we featured some of them on our blog.

In case you missed the interviews, discover our favorite jewelry designer stories of 2017 here!

We are always impressed by thetalent of our communityand in 2017 you havent disappointed us! We wanted to collect some of the 3D printing designs and stories that captivated us this year and we didnt know where to start. Were continuously amazed by how skilled and inspiring our users are.

Read more to discover our favorite 3D printing stories of 2017!

The end of the year is approaching fast and this is the perfect time to remember the past year. 2017 has been full ofexciting improvements and updatesfor i.materialise.  In case you missed something, join us in looking back atthe news this year brought to i.materialise: new finishes, colors, features and a brand new technology!

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Is 3D printing homes the answer to the UKs housing crisis?

magine going to a website, choosing a home and printing it out, just as you might do with a boarding card.

It sounds like something from the pages of science fiction, but elements of it are already available. WikiHouse is a website which allows anyone to upload or download a design for a home, modify it, then get a giant machine to cut it into plywood parts that slot together like Ikea furniture, using only a few bolts and screws.

Advances in 3D printing technology also mean printers can work with ordinary materials used in construction, such as concrete and steel.

The United Arab Emirates government has said it wants 25pc of buildings to be 3D-printed by 2030, turning Dubai into a centre for the sector worth Dh3bn (657m).

This could be possible says James Griffith, a structural engineer at Arup. In Dubai they have a history of pushing pioneering buildings; I see no reason why they couldnt be mass-producing lots of housing stock. And anyway, 13 years is a very long time in this industry, says Davide Neri of Italian 3D printing manufacturer WASP.

Today there are a lot of people researching when we started in 2012 we were on our own.

Dubai has already produced the first 3D-printed office, constructed by a robotic arm in 17 days, and recently some Americans announced plans to build the first 3D-printed skyscraper in the city.

Using a special crane called a minitank, Cazza Construction Technologies is hoping to add a concrete and steel tower knitted together by a computer to the Emirates skyline.

Chris Kelsey, the 19-year-old co-founder of Cazza, also claims that his printers can produce a 2,000 sq ft home in a single day. Over in America, theres an even more extreme plan, with Nasa working out if it would be possible to take a 3D printer to Mars.

In the UK such techniques are in use by construction firms such as Skanska, which is printing concrete blocks at a facility at Loughborough University. It is hoped they will be used for big projects such as HS2.

Unlike creating ready-made apartments in a factory using traditional labour, 3D printing is entirely done by computers.

It has no frame of reference to the printers you or I can imagine, says James Dearsley, a proptech consultant. The best way of describing it is like a cement lorry with a chute.

London-based architecture firm Facit Homes has recently completed a luxurious house in Highgate, north London, using what it describes as digital manufacturing, a combination of digital printing and traditional construction methods.

Instead of bricks and mortar we use tech to produce the components, says Rhys Denbigh, head of new business at the firm.

In this country, there are big hurdles to overcome for the technology to become widespread however.  Huge upfront investment is needed for such construction to be viable on a big scale and homes must be constructed in a certain way to satisfy planners.

I dont see it as a mass producer in the UK of entire houses, as appears to be the aim in some parts of Africa, the Middle East and Asia, says Mark Farmer, author of a government review into the skills shortage. Our planning system and urban context will make this difficult.

Currently the method is not used to produce vast volumes. Instead it is employed to create beautiful, quality objects too complex to be built by human hand. Its other function has been to push design boundaries.

For example, Arup plan to use two 3D printers to build halves of a bridge each side of an Amsterdam canal until they meet in the middle.

It is more than possible that 3D printing will enjoy a future in the construction of ordinary homes though.

Slowly people will catch up and it will become normal, says Griffith. Its a while off, as the building community is orthodox. But we feel like we are a bit of a disrupting influence.

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Everything you need to get started in 3D printing

Everything you need to get started in 3D printing

Our listing of a number of 3D printing sites, which ranks how they stack up for consumer needs and concerns.

Basic information on what legal obligations are involved in using a 3D printer, as well as some places to conduct further reading.

A basic workflow diagram of what goes into printing, so you know what youre getting yourself into.

Whether youre doing a school project, or youre looking for academic resources, you can find a number of articles  here.

Find out how we went about our research to put this site together!

Click through to learn a bit about the people involved in the project.

Australian Communications Consumer Action Network

Melbourne Networked Society Institute

The operation of the Australian Communications Consumer Action Network is made possible by funding provided by the Commonwealth of Australia under section 593 of the Telecommunications Act 1997. This funding is recovered from charges on telecommunications carriers.

This work is licensed under aCreative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International Licence.

Best of the Web 3D Printing Web Sites

Manufacturing & Technology Conference

Manufacturing & Technology Conference

Modernization vs. Upgrade: Which One is Best for You?

Bridging the Skills GapHow Do We Get There from Here?

Vention Transitions to 1st Release, Launches App for Motion Control

Saved by the Sensor: Vehicle Awareness in the Self-Driving Age

Software Updates are the New Hurdle in IoT Security

Pinnacles of Innovation: Top Awards Programs for New Products

A History of Landmark Pumps and Waterworks: ASME Milestones

Tips on Designing Printed Circuit Boards for Motion Control

Best of the Web: 3D Printing Web Sites

The wiki-style site supports anyone working on the open-source 3D printer design or using RepRaps for production. For the uninitiated, RepRaps can make plastic parts, including its own, so self-replicates by printing a kit of itself thats easy to assemble. The best page for users who want to get started is the Buyers Guide that lists vendors selling everything from single RepRap components to completed machines.

Pirate Bays Physibles Facebook page

Last year, notorious torrent site The Pirate Bay (TPB) added a physibles category (at thepiratebay.sx/browse/605), defining physibles as designs or plans for 3D printers. Thats where the plans for 3D-printed guns (and other naughty designs banned from Thingaverse) are now. For a PG-rated view of TPB 3D-printing news, try their popular Facebook page instead.

This year, 3D-printed-gun inventor and anarchy advocate Cody Wilson founded an uncensored torrent site to house designs for 3D-printed objects. The site has a good search interface and houses more than 75,000 designs free for download, geared mostly towards printing with MakerBots.

The site consists of a Shop section and a Make+Sell section. Under Make+Sell, upload designs, and the company prints the objects out of sterling silver, ceramics, alumide, and acrylic-based polymer. The sites library of tutorials is also bigger than ever. Categories include Material Design Rules, Fixing Models for 3D Print, and Finishing Techniques.

The site regularly reviews 3D-printing materials, printers, and designs. It also contains useful links related to 3D printing, crowdsourcing, hobby printers, and 3D-print services.

This ever-growing site lets users upload and download plans for 3D Things to print on Stratasys MakerBot Replicators, a consumer desktop 3D printer. Downloadable designs include mustache combs, carabineers, vacuum-cleaner parts, weedwacker blades, novelty figurines, decorative vases, and all kinds of clamps, mounts, trays, and blocks. Just getting started? Head over to first for some tutorials on how STL, for OBJ and Collada design files work, how to build basic shapes and designs, and what design features are possible in 3D printing.

The company sells 3D printers in three grades, personal, professional, and production, and in myriad build sizes. Most interesting is their sites Case Studies section under Resources, which houses dozens of stories about real applications. Scroll to the bottom of the site and click on Blog to read amount industry developments and new printing services.

The site offers free software specifically designed to get newbies into 3D printing, as well as simple-to-follow instructions for sending designs to rapid-prototyping shops.

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3D Printing P

Turn your WordPress/WooCommerce website into a platform for selling 3D printing services with this powerful plugin. Its an ideal solution for a small to medium business. Start selling your 3D printing service today!

Supported file types: STL (bin, ascii), OBJ (including texture support), ZIP.

Can arrange multiple STL models from a ZIP file.

Image printing: JPG, PNG, GIF, BMP files get converted to STL. (Works best with high contrast images such as logos)

Infill calculation (Optional,monthlyor anannualsubscription is required).

Support material calculation (Optional,monthlyor anannualsubscription is required).

Ability to add predefined models to products.

Model position optimization (automatically rotates the model to optimize the 3D printing process).

Configurable printers, materials and coatings.

Large file upload support (upload chunking).

Customizable pricing: can be configured to charge per model weight, material volume, bounding box volume or per hour (monthlyor anannualsubscription is required for charging per hour). Different price rates for different amount of material/volume.

Ability to get a quote by email (email contains Buy Now link).

Price calculation and instant checkout

Estimated price and request price button

Only request price button

Browser support: works best withWebGL enabled browsers

WordPress 3D Printing product with enabled Checkout option.

WordPress 3D Printing product with enabled Give an estimate and request price option.

WordPress 3D Printing Backend: main settings page.

WordPress 3D Printing Backend: printers settings page.

WordPress 3D Printing Backend: materials settings page.

WordPress 3D Printing Backend: price request manager.

What do I get if I buy the plugin?

Zip file with the plugin and installation instructions, free updates and free support. Free support is offered for one website.

What do I get if I buy the subscription?

You can activate plugins special features: infill, support material, print time calculation.

How do I create a 3D printing product?

Inthis videoyou can see how to set up a 3D printing product.

Whats the shortcode for the premium plugin?

It has no own shortcode, but you can use woocommerceproduct_page shortcode. To be able to use it you need to check Load Everywhere on the plugin settings page.

How is the printing price calculated?

Generally the formula is: printing price = printer cost + material cost. Printer and material cost are calculated depending on the settings on the 3D Printing page. The cost can be calculated through material volume, weight or bounding box.

How are infill, print time and support material calculated?

They are calculated by Cura 15.04 running on a remote server. At the plugin backend you need to configure following parameters: layer height, wall thickness, nozzle size, infill %, print speed, travel speed, support material.

How does the subscription work?

The subscription is needed to enable infill and support material calculation. When you order a subscription you have an option to make it recurring. It can be cancelled or renewed any time.

Can I get a trial period for the subscription?

Yes, first 30 models are free by default.

Does the plugin pass models dimensions and weight to shipping modules?

Yes, but weight works only with shipping modules which calculate weight through the shopping cart. I havent tested all of them, but heres a few modules that work:WooCommerce Table Rate Shipping by MangohourWooCommerce Shipping Pro with Table RateWooCommerce Advanced Free Shipping

How do I set up a minimum price for small models?

On the product page open Variations tab, expand the current variation and set Regular Price.

How do I set up different price rates for different amounts of material and volume?

For example you want to charge 0.5$ for200cm3, 0.3$ for>

400cm3. Instead of regular numeric price enter this formula: 0:0.5;200:0.4;400:0.3

The price and amount are delimted by : symbol and price-amount pairs are delimited by ;. This works on printer, material and coating prices.

Does the plugin check models for printability?

The current version only checks if the model is larger than the selected printer build tray size.

Can I add custom attributes with custom price?

Yes, through the standard WooCommerce facility – Also you can set the attribute price on Products->

Attributes page. The price can be flat or a percentage of the total, printing/material/coating price or material amount. It can also be a negative value. Video instructions on how to set up the price ishere.

How do I assign a printer/material to a product?

By default all printers and materials are assigned to products marked as 3D Printing Product. At theattributes tabyou can see all value against Printer and Material. If you want to assign only one printer to a product – delete all and type the printer id in that field. IDs can be seen at the Printers and Materials tabs of the plugins settings page. Multiple ids should be delimited by character, for instance 023.

How do I group printers/materials/coatings?

How do I sort printers/materials/coatings?

Sort Order field determines the order, low numbers go first. Groups at the moment are sorted alphabetically.

How do I add a predefined model to a product?

Go to WooCommerce->

Settings. Open Products tab. Click on Downloadable products. Set File Download Method to Redirect onlyCreate a 3D printing product by following installation instructions in the documentation.Save the product.Open Variations tab. Expand the variation by clicking Expand link.There you will see Predefined Model field.Upload or select an existing file by clicking on Choose file button.Save.

How do I translate the plugin?

The easiest way is to use this plugin

I installed the script, but something is not working right..

Try to deactivate/activate the plugin.Try to uncheck 3D Printing Product checkbox, save the product, again check 3D Printing Product and save.Try to create a new product attribute on Products ->

Attributes (this will reset the attribute cache).If you use any cache plugin on the site try to empty its cache.Also try clearing your browsers cache.If that doesnt work feel free to contact me, Ill be happy to help.

ChangelogPosted onJuly 29, 2015byfuzzoid

takes to the product page if the order contains a single 3dprint product

shows a warning message if the order contains 3print and non-3dprint products