Apple CEO Cook also went to the “punch” photography show where is it? See how technology empowers fashion

Apple CEO Cook also went to the “punch” photography show where is it? See how technology empowers fashion
In the contemporary era, the development of technology has extended to the fashion industry, empowering fashion development and innovation. Last night, Jingdong teamed up with Marsfield Fashion Group and fashion art photographer Su Yiliang to create a “Quiet Endless” fashion art photography exhibition at the Shanghai Art Landmark – Yicang Art Museum. Apple CEO Tim Cook has previewed the show earlier. The photo exhibition has been polished for four months and will be open to the public from October 13th to October 21st, bringing the fashion and technology experience of the Live Photos creative art to the public.

Caption: Senior Vice President of Jingdong Group, President of Jingdong Mall Fashion Life Group Hu Shengli and Su Yiliang used AR interactive technology to watch the video story behind the works.

The “Quiet Endless” photography exhibition is based on simple and elegant black and white, and is divided into four areas: “balance”, “introspection”, “time difference” and “assimilation”. Su Yiliang uses AR interactive technology to reconstruct light, space, sound and image in the form of dynamic and static combination, so that the entire exhibition area presents the ultimate tranquility.

As a long-term strategic collaboration photographer for the iPhone, all the materials on display were shot by Su Yiliang with iPhone X, and using interactive new technology to enable all viewers to interact instantly. Through the new technology of iPhone X, Su Yiliang uses a unique documentary format to present the visual impact and imagination with static and dynamic, black and white, place and time, and what is seen and seen. The work creates a creative art experience that blends fashion and technology.

Last night, MJU:T, the first menswear brand of Marsfil Fashion Group, also announced an exclusive strategic partnership with JD. The two parties joined hands with Su Yiliang to create an exclusive limited-capacity capsule series. It is worth noting that this capsule series combines art, technology and fashion elements. The photographic image printing on the clothing adopts Apple’s latest technology. Users can watch the 20s motion picture hidden behind the photo using iPhone 6 or above. The technological power behind fashion.related articles china mobile.html