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This macro will traverse the part feature tree and fully define any sketch that is under-defined

Macro saves all configurations as separate files. There is a possibility specify prefix-name and nam…

Macro to Collapse the Feature Manager Design Tree. Designed to be added to a button in SW. Also incl…

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3D Cutting and CNC Routers

CNC Routers for fabricating with wood, plastic, aluminum & more

VCarve Pro v9.0 ShopBot Edition released.

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3D cutting, machining and sculpting can be used in many different types of projects. It is one of the most impressive capabilities a ShopBot CNC tool will bring to your shop. All ShopBots have full 3D capability, and the high-speed capabilities of PRS ShopBots make them excellent for efficient 3D work. There is a lot of confusion surrounding 3D and how to best make it work for you and your type of application.

This section is intended to provide you with an introduction to 3D and to clarify how you might to incorporate 3D features into your work. Understand at the outset that there are a lot of different ways to do 3D and there will probably be at least one that is right for you.

ShopBot CNC tools are all fully 3D capable, as are most CNC routers today [this capability is technically described as3-axis interpolation, which means that moves are made smoothly in 3D space using diagonals and curves]. There was a time when the Z axis of some CNCs moved only when X and Y were not moving, or only had a single up and down position. These earlier CNCs were thus not capable of 3D carving and were referred to as 2 or 2.5D tools. Now, rather than specifying the capability of a CNC tool, the terms 2, 2.5 and 3D are more descriptive of the nature of the design side of a project; either what is done with the design software, or what the design software is capable of doing. Heres a little sample:

If all we have is a flat outline of something we want to cut out, that would be considered 2D. If we then added straight up and down movements of the cutter into and out of the material, we might now consider the project as 2.5D. This 2.5D work starts off as a 2D design in principle, but during the process of creating the tool path or cutting file you will typically assign a depth or multiple depths for the tools motion to cut features like grooves or flat pockets. When the software generates the part file, the instructions will first move the CNC tool to the assigned cutting depth (in the Z axis), then move the cutter through the XY tool path at that depth, and then return to the starting height with a straight pull-up. Thus, when the file is finished, the cutting tool has moved in three dimensions (X, Y and Z), but all the X and Y axis motion is in a single plane and the X and Y axes stop when the Z axis plunges or pulls up. So, for the case of this example, the drawing and design process are fundamentally 2D. Standard cabinetmaking would be a good example of such a 2D or 2.5D project.

You can sort of fudge 3D with 2D techniques by working with a build up of layers. A project like a contour map with distinct Z-axis layers is one example; another is Ed Langs layered fighter.

Designing for CNC using 2.5D CAD/CAM software is fairly straightforward because you do not have to worry about visualizing your part in three dimensions or describing complex tool motions. And, 2.5D CAD/CAM works well for any project where you are cutting parts out of sheet material, or where you are pocketing areas (e.g. around letters in a sign). All such cutting can be done in one or more different cutting planes after plunging to a cutting depth. VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition, which is provided with every ShopBot CNC system, is an excellent basic program for 2.5D CNC design (CAD) and for generating toolpaths from the design (CAM). In addition, VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition can important 2D files from other design programs for editing, adding plunge movements and outputting toolpaths.

It is also common to consider V-carving as a 2.5D design process. This technique uses CNC motion with a v-shaped cutter to give a classic chiseled look (also called chip carving) to lettering or other shapes that would traditionally have been carved by hand. The 2.5D description is appropriate because the design that you work with is still 2D in nature, even though the actual CNC movements that create the chiseling effect involve full 3-D, simultaneous XYZ motion of the cutter.

V-carving is a great way to add an impressive look to your lettering or sign work and decorative wood carvings. Importantly, because the layout process is still in 2D, it is relatively easy to create the designs, and from a production point of view v-carved letters can be cut fairly quickly.

VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition will v-carve any of the fonts on your computer. You can design using any font, or design with arbitrary shapes such as those in logos or simple line drawings. In addition, you will be able to automatically mill wide areas flat, if they would cause too deep a plunge with the v-bit to get the required width.

VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition (a program developed for ShopBot by Vectric) makes it easy to design and v-carve stunning designs that are often perceived to be 3D products by customers. If you are a professional signmaker or woodcarver, you are probably already aware of the importance of v-carving to your work. If you plan to machine a lot of v-carved projects, you will really appreciate the quality of this software. You can look at the summary chart to get an idea what distinguishes these various CAD/CAM programs.[View Software Comparison Chart]

Full 3D CNC involves both designing in 3D and – during cutting – simultaneous CNC motion in X, Y, and Z axes. In 3D, your CNC cutter tip follows paths at 3D angles or in 3D curves in order to mill or carve complex shapes into the material. In 2.5D, your cutter may have been moving in 3D in situations like v-carving, but you were still thinking (designing) in 2D. In order to do fully sculptural 3D, you are going to need to think and design in 3D. This is harder and frequently more expensive than 2D, but takes full advantage of your CNC tools capabilities to produce fully contoured shapes milled to your specifications. The shapes that you can machine are nearly unlimited and adding even a small amount of true 3D to a project can uniquely distinguish it.

fromCarve 3Dand ITC Millwork (click to enlarge)

fromVector Art 3DChris Burns (click to enlarge)

When considering working in 3D, it is useful toseparate the process of design or shape creation, from the tool-path generation process. There are separate software programs for each, and only a few programs provide both capabilities. In fact, there are quite a variety of approaches for the design process because 3D designs are used in the world for many other purposes than CNC cutting.

3D Design: Consider the design process first. You will need to create the 3D shape of your concept in a 3D design system, defining the form that you want to cut. This shape is called a3D model, and the software programs that do this kind of work are usually called 3D modeling programs (sometimes 3D CAD).Modelingis the right word here, because rather than drawing with lines, you will build up your 3D object by inserting and modifying basic 3D shapes. Note that visualizing and conceptualizing 3D shapes on a 2D computer screen is difficult and will probably involve your using new and unfamiliar computer graphics tools for manipulating objects and surfaces in 3D space. You should appreciate upfront that it is going to take a little time to get comfortable with.

You will need a program for doing your modeling. If you are unfamiliar with this kind of thing,Silois a low priced starting point (around $159) that you might find fun. This is a comparatively easy-to-use program, but it really gives you a good feel for what is involved in 3D modeling. You might want to give it a try. As you get more serious about 3D modeling, you may want to consider the most acclaimed of the low-end 3D modeling programs,Rhinoceros(Rhino for short; around $995). 3D is still harder than 2D, but there is nothing bad to be said about Rhino when you are ready for 3D (additionally, it has 2D CAD capabilities and extensive add-on functionality). There is much more expensive stuff too, but we will leave it here and just say that one way to produce your 3D model is to create it yourself in a program like Rhino. [Note that a little further down, well consider other ways of coming up with a 3D model without doing the design yourself.]

3D CAM: Once you have a 3D model, you need a tool path.A 3D model defines the geometry of the shape that you want to cut, but it does not tell your CNC tool how to actually move over and around the model in order to cut the shape. The model does not know what size and type of cutter you will be using, how tight you want the resolution, what kind of directions you want to cut in, and so forth. So your next step is to bring your 3D model into a 3D CAM or tool-path generating program to create the Part File that tells your ShopBot how to actually cut the shape.

Tool path generated over model by CAM program

Using the 3D CAM program, you set up how you want to cut the part. For example, you lay out the part on the material, and knowing cutter size, you define the resolution and direction of the cutting passes. You can do other things in the CAM program that may not seem as obvious such as creating separate roughing and finishing passes or defining a machining border around an irregularly shaped part.

As with 3D design, there are a variety of CAM programs that can be used to generate tool paths from 3D models. ShopBots come with a 3D CAM program calledVCarve Pro Shopbot Edition. With VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition, you bring in a 3D model from a modeling program, define and generate a tool path, and output a ready to cut Part File. VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition is intended to be simple and straightforward. It is as close as you can get to doing 3D by pushing a single button (once you have a 3D model).

Regarding 3D router bits: The tapered (to 1/8th), ball-nose, bit included in ourStarter Bit Kit(also available separately from us orOnsrud) is great for 3D work. After an initial path is cleared at the cutting depth, the ball-nose cutter can be used to efficiently remove small amounts of material on fast passes back and forth across the material. This method creates smooth and intricate surfaces and takes advantage of the speed capabilities of ShopBots PRS CNCs or earlier PRTalpha machines or PRTs upgraded the newer V4g Control Boards.

[View VIDEO: ShopBot PRT with V4g Upgrade, cutting 3D relief project using tapered ball-nose cutter.]

As you get more serious about production 3D you will appreciate the additional CAM features and capabilities of VCarve Pro ShopBot Edition for defining tool paths exactly as you want them. Factors such as the quality of the roughing pass become important because they allow you to increase the speed of cutting in the finishing pass. The finish pass is typically done with a narrow cutter that is easily broken if used too aggressively, but a good roughing pass will greatly lower the stress on the narrower finishing tool.

VCarve Pro ShopBot Editiongives you many ways to control the machining process. It is very straightforward to use and includes options for single or multi-sided model machining, interactive tab placement to hold the job in place and automatic boundary detection to ensure time isnt wasted machining unnecessary regions. Cutting strategies include Z level roughing, raster finishing and the option to automatically cut-out the finished job.

Showing tabs still in place – image courtesy of fromVectric

Combining 3D Design and CAM: A Standard.A few software packages combine 3D modeling with CAM features. This gives you a more organized approach to doing full 3D work.Aspire, Vectrics 3D modeling and CNC machining software can convert a 2D drawing into high quality 3D relief and CNC toolpaths. Another example is MasterCAM, which offers generalized set of packages for start to finish 3D CNC work (also capable of importing 3D models from elsewhere). MasterCAM is close to a standard with respect to 3D engineering or architectural work with CNC routers. Beyond MasterCAM there is an extensive array of 3D software oriented to CNC machine tools and mostly priced at considerably higher levels.

Combining 3D Design and CAM: Something More Unique and Creative. Many users of CNC routers are interested in intuitive methods for sculpting and carving in 3D and particularly for embellishing their work with 3D relief carvings, as might be applied to signs, cabinets doors, or furniture. Relief modeling offers a special kind of challenge because it is intended to convey a particular type of feeling for depth without necessarily being an exact replica of the depth of an object. Often with a relief carving the idea is to create the most realistic impression with a minimum of depth (as in the face on a coin).Aspireis a design program that is oriented to the challenges of relief work and for conveying depth or sculpting in 3D. It is oriented to helping a user shape a 3D relief, starting with only a 2D line drawing or bitmap image.

Aspire helps you create (raise) 3D shapes from line drawings.

Final 3D model (on left) and close-up of tool path (above).

By providing you with an extensive set of tools, Aspire enables you to raise, round, slope, angle, texture, and generally shape the components of a 2D image into a compelling relief model (the example above uses a line drawing; in addition ArtCAM Pro has extensive tools for creating relief shapes from shaded bitmaps). It is a complete 2D/3D CAD program capable of creating or importing drawings and models and having extensive layout and editing functions. In addition it is a full and extensive CAM package for generating 2D and 3D tool paths.[View Software Comparison Chart]

fromVector Art 3Dand Habitat for Bats

Now that you know about 3D modeling, an alternative you may want to consider isnot doing the design/3D-modeling work yourself. We are not all artists after all, and even if you are so inclined, if you dont use the 3D design software frequently or have enough demand then you will not be very efficient with it. There are now a number of resources providing CNC-ready dimensional clipart or offering custom models made to your specifications.

There is, in fact, a lot of 3D clipart available on the internet, many of these models are free or very inexpensive. You will typically need to bring these 3D files through a 3D tool path generating program such as

VCarve Pro ShopBot Editionin order to get a tool path.[See 3D links in our ShopBot CNC Resource List.]

The problem with the generic 3D models on the web, is that most were created for purposes (e.g. video animation/games) other than doing 3D machining. They are often too low a resolution for smooth carving or have errors or inconsistencies that make machining difficult. The models may also not be well suited to scaling to different sizes, which is something you will probably want to do. A good model has the detail needed to be effectively cut in small or very large sizes. [This is a similar problem with 2D clip art found on the web, which is often not suited for 2D CNC cutting; see theVector 2D Graphicscollections for CNC-ready 2D art work.]

A better option for 3D, still at a relatively low cost, is to purchase 3D models which were developed explicitly for 3D CNC cutting.Vector Art 3Dis a prime provider of such files. Their parts are all developed to machine well at relatively low depths of cut. You can use the free CAM program that is provided with the models, or useVCarve Pro ShopBot EditionVCarve Pro ShopBot Edition to create the exact tool path you need for cutting the models. Their models can also be used as modeling components to make more complex designs in programs such as ArtCAM Pro, EnRoute Pro or Rhino. As a point of information, a majority of the Vector Art 3D models were developed in ArtCAM Pro and show the power of the relief modeling features of that software.

From Vector Art 3D and Beckwith Dcor Products, capability included in ShopBot Edition VCarve Pro

Vector Art 3D offers an extensive library of 3D models to select from and the list is continually growing. They also offer some collections of their clipart which are a very economical way to buy a lot of models at once these collections can be purchased directly from ShopBot. In the event you need a custom design or a variation on their existing library then you can contract for a model developed specifically for you. They have skilled digital and virtual artists who can produce a model to your specifications.

From Vector Art 3D, custom model for ITC Millwork

From Vector Art 3D, custom model forMaverick Industries

There are also a growing number of specialist providers of CNC modeling services (were working on a list). When you consider the value of your own time and your inefficiency at using the 3D modeling software (or if indeed whether you have a copy or not), you will appreciate that commissioning a custom 3D model can actually be an economical way of getting a special 3D component into a project that you are working on.

So far, weve discussed the primary and direct approach to doing 3D; creating a model with a 3D modeling program (or purchasing one) and then bringing the model into a CAM program to specify and generate the tool path and output a Part File. However, there are a couple alternatives to this approach which you may find handy for certain types of projects. They can actually be accomplished directly with the ShopBot Control Software. Think of them as shortcuts to 3D that can be accomplished without any additional software.

Using Bitmaps Directly. A first approach is to create 3D contours from a bitmap image using ShopBots Bitmap Converter, a function that is included in the ShopBot Control System software. This converter, which is called up with the [FC] Command, will turn the grayscales of a bitmap image (.jpg or .bmp) into cutting depths and create a tool path that can be immediately cut. You modify the proportion of each axis in order to control the shape of the image. This technique can also be used to produce lithophanes from photographs, though you will have to fuss to get the depths exactly right for handling the light. [Photo V-Carvewill handle setting up lithophanes a little more readily, and it also offers a v-carving approach to transferring bitmap pictures into CNC carving.]

Digitizing Probe.The second way to produce 3D shapes without software is todigitize an existing object or partusing adigitizing probe. The ShopBot Copy Machine Virtual Tool that is included in the Control System Software will help you carry out the digitization with an optional probe and create a ShopBot Part File that is ready to cut at the end of the process. You can use a digitizing probe purchased from ShopBot, a probe from another manufacturer, or if your part is electrically conductive you may be able to just use a metal stylus like a paperclip. You can probe to reproduce the 3D shape of a part, or you can probe to get the 2D outline of a part.

The probe issimply a switchthat is triggered when the tip of the probe contacts the surface of your sample part. When digitizing a 3D part by probing, your ShopBot will methodically move the probe tip in a raster pattern, carefully contacting and recording the position of each contact in order to reconstruct the shape of the part for cutting.

The probing functions of the ShopBot Control software allow you to savetwo types of file. You can save a Part File of actual ShopBot CNC instructions that is ready to cut at the end of the probing process. Or, if you need to do some modifications to the shape before creating your final file, you can save a file of 3D points or a polyline that you can use directly as primitive entities within 3D modeling software. Alternatively, you can process the 3D points into a 3D surface file using the Probe to Surface Virtual Tool in the ShopBot software. The shape can then be brought into 3D modeling software such as Rhino for further editing, manipulation, or processing, or directly into a CAM program such as Cut3D for specifying and generating high quality a 3D roughing and finishing toolpaths.

Probed parts can be scaled in 3D CAM programs to make the object considerably larger or smaller.

12-foot elephant prop generated from small statue (for Cary [NC] Academy, by Sallye Coyle and Michael Hayes).

Some pretty amazing things can be done with digitizing, and you wont even need to muck with software. You might also consider sending your digitized model to someone to modify or refine the design, or even consider sending your physical model out to be digitized by a digitizing service. In either case, you may find it an efficient way to get to the 3D carving that you need without getting involved in what can be very tedious modeling work.

High-resolution toolpath of probed molding

Have a look at the information onBill Youngs Extruderas a method for generating some interesting 3D trim. The Extruder is now included in the Virtual [T]ools section of the ShopBot Control Software.

3-Axis CNC Tools vs 5-Axis Tools and ShopBots Rotary Indexer, a 4th-Axis Tool

The above discussion summarizes the basic methods for doing 3D work with a three-axis ShopBot or other CNC. But just to make things a little more confusing well add one more level of complexity for you to consider, doing in 3D work in four, five or more axes of motion. Most CNC woodworking tools are what we call 3-axis tools. They move a cutter in the X, Y and Z axis. They machine or carve in 3D by moving the tip of a cutter in these three axes, usually with a back-and-forth (rastering) motion in the X and Y axis (or a contouring path related to the shape of the object) and a simultaneous up and down action in the Z axis. The cutter itself remains in a fixed vertical orientation. The cutting is done by the portion of the cutter that is in contact with the material. This type of 3D work is fundamentallyreliefmachining. It gives you a 3D shape, but does not allow for 3D shapes of the sort that have ledges or requires undercutting, or any kind of cutting/machining that cant be done from vertically above and perpendicular to the X-Y plane.

3D objects that require machining from the side or bottom require another strategy. Sometimes, you can accomplish this sort of effect with slicing techniques or by rotating the object and machining from different angles.Cut3D, for example, will generate coordinated toolpaths for machining an object from two or four sides. But such solutions dont directly address the problem, which is that you cant move the cutter around to the side or underneath.

3D animal cut as two halves and joined (from Baycraft Designs)

Product prototypes cut as two halves and joined (from Think Design, Humancentric Tech)

CNC Tools with More Movement Capability.By adding more axes of motion or rotation, the orientation of the cutter to the material can be changed, thus allowing more accurate and efficient 3D shaping and offering production of parts that have more contour. Added axes also permit cutting into a part from the side as well as diagonal drilling.

ShopBots software and control system is 5-axis capable (with the [VD] Command you can turn on additional axes), even though our standard tools have mechanical capabilities for only three axes of motion. 5-axis tools have historically been very expensive because of the difficulty of creating 5-axis controllers and the mechanical problems of keeping the extra axes rigid and providing enough space for the cutting head to move.

4th Axis Indexing Head. ShopBots4th Axis Rotary Indexing Headallows machining of parts in the round. The indexer is like a smart lathe. It makes the rotation of the part the fourth axis of control. This means that you can profile objects in the way you might with a traditional lathe, but you can also do ornamental turning and free-form carving in the round.

Five AxesShopBot now offers a5-Axis PRSalpha CNC router. You can think of the extra two axes as the wrist at the end of an arm. With a 5-axis tool, cutting and drilling can be done from any angle. More importantly, tangential machining can be done whereby the end of the cutter is always perpendicular to the surface being contoured. This technique produces smooth and efficient machining.

ShopBots 5-Axis CNCs are fitted with 2hp spindles and areintended for machining soft materials such as foam and soft wood. They are effective at trimming parts where full access from varying angles is important for preparation of the part.

[View VIDEO: Prototype 5-axis ShopBot Benchtop Tool in operation]

We hope this introduction to doing 3D with a CNC tool has been helpful to you. As with many aspects of CNC, 3D is something that you can do in many ways – theres probably at least one approach that suits your project, your style and your budget.

If you have any questions about how to get from a 3D concept that youve got to producing the part with a CNC tool, please feel free to give us a call. We may not have the complete answer, but can get you pointed in the right direction.

ShopBot Tools, Inc., 3333 Industrial Dr., Durham, NC USA 27704. Ph: or1-Fax:

All prices and costs published by ShopBot (both digitally and in print) are based on orders within the contiguous USA.

All other orders may incur additional costs/fees.

© 2006-2017 by ShopBot Tools, Inc. All rights reserved.Terms of Service

All information is correct to the best of our knowledge but prices, descriptions, and typos may change without warning.

Autodesk Civil Engineering Community Center

Autodesk Civil Engineering Community Center

Welcome to your community center! Learn, experience and inspire with the civil infrastructure community.

Posted on August 21, 2017 at 2:34 am.

I created several custom 3D models of traffic signs to suit our local standards (VIC, Australia). I have then created a library into Infraworks followingthis process. Everything works great and I can now insert these 3D models much quicker.

The issue I found is that every time theres a major Infraworks update, the folder where that custom library lives (C:ProgramDataAutodeskInfraWorksResourcesLocalLibraryStyles3D Model) gets overwritten and, hence, all the blocks get lost. Thankfully, I saved a backup copy of the library so I was able to reinstate it (phew!).

Does anybody know if theres a way to prevent this from happening?

3D Modeling Graphic Design Services by Dynamic Digital Advertising

Present your ideas, concepts, products, or services from a unique perspective with 3D modeling designs from a Philadelphia-based graphic design firm and custom website design company, Dynamic Digital Advertising (DDA). We offer comprehensive digital advertising services, which allow us to maintain consistency from one medium to the next. The same custom 3D model that we create for print can be fully animated for use on the Internet.

Call DDA to obtain aone-of-a-kind 3D modelthat

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As a medium for various forms of entertainment, for gathering and sharing information, and for collaboration and communication, the Internet has become a powerful marketing tool. 3D graphic modeling designs can enhance your marketing potential in one of three ways: 3D models can sell products by letting viewers try out the 3D representations; 3D character models can guide viewers from page to page; and virtual worlds can invite viewers to tour your facility online. However you decide to use 3D modeling on the web, Dynamic Digital Advertising creates the highly-stylized, highly-optimized 3D representations that turn viewers into customers.

Engage viewers and hold their attention during CD-ROM or DVD presentations with 3D models from DDA. Need a presentation that is designed to promote services or product launches to customers, partners, or investors? Want a presentation that provides information to employees or corporate executives? Dynamic Digital Advertising designs and develops 3D models that are as professional as they as functional for a broad base of applications. In addition, we can create 3D character models that serve as a virtual guide showing viewers how to use the CD/DVD and explaining topics of interest along the way.

Industrial equipment or products can be dirty, difficult to photograph, or at a location that is inconvenient for the photographer to get to. With 3D modeling equipment and products appear better than ever. Use DDAs 3D models to showcase your products in your nextbrochurecatalogtrade adsell sheet, or other form ofprintadvertising and increase your return on investment. Or use our 3D models inlarge format graphicsfortrade show displaysoroutdoor advertisingand attract the attention of passers-by. The possibilities are endless!

As a pioneering graphic design firm and professional custom website design and development company in the greater Philadelphia area of Bucks County, Pennsylvania, Dynamic Digital Advertising creates 3D models of architectures or structures, products or services for interactive virtual experiences on the web or print and on CD-ROMs or DVDs.

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Constrvct makes clothes custom-fitted to a 3D model of your body in your own custom fabric

Constrvct makes clothes custom-fitted to a 3D model of your body, in your own custom fabric.

One of the top tech trends we talked about for 2013 ispersonalization- the ability to make things completely customized, on-demand.

A fascinatinggroupof business models is emerging in response to new print and visualization technologies, and one of them isConstrvct, a custom clothing company created by two programmers on the East Coast.

The Constrvct concept is that you upload images to create a fabric design and enter your measurements into an interactive 3D model of the garment you choose.

The garment is previewed live in your measurements with the design on it. You can spin the model around to see how your design appears from all angles!

If you like it, you order it, and Constrvct custom digitally prints the fabric, then cuts the pattern- with a laser or plotter- and sews the garment to your measurements.

Both the fabric creation and the pattern for cutting are generated by the 3D model, so that the design lies across the body in the way you choose.

FoundersJenna Fizel and Mary Huanghave come up with some other amazing technology-driven fashions, like the worlds first ready-to-wear completely 3D-printed garment (the N12 bikini, made in partnership withShapeways) and3D-printed shoes.

However, the Constrvct model seems the most commercial. With prices between $125 for a t-shirt to $350 for a sheath dress, its an experiment within reach of many women and the custom sizing adds tremendous appeal. Of course, the company wasstartedwith a Kickstarter, and the rewards included adorable paper dolls !

The concept is community-based, using the crowd-sourced design model thats been so effective for on-demand garment printers likeCafePressand votable social design businesses likeThreadlessand goth-girl favoriteChicStar. Check out the 3D preview, left, and actual dress design, right!

As a socially-driven site that is for-profit, the Constrvct T&C are surprisingly simple. Your designs are viewable by all members, but not for sale to them. I love theArduinodress, but cant simply click and order it- Id have to create my own chip design dress. And while other members cant print your dress, Constrvct can. However, you retain ownership of your uploaded images, thus avoiding theInstagram Suicide Noteproblem.

Your saved Designs are viewable by all other users of CONSTRVCT. This is because we believe fashion is a social action.

Your username is associated with any Designs and comments you make.

CONSTRVCT does not claim ownership to any user uploaded materials. You retain complete ownership of your uploaded images and artwork.

You grant us permission to print your uploaded image file when you order a CONSTRVCT design. We may make adjustments to the file for printing purposes.

CONSTRVCT reserves the right to reproduce any user Design for research, testing or press purposes. CONSTRVCT may also photograph the Design for documentation or press purposes.

When I had the T324 logo dress up in my browser, T324 owner David Daniels and store manager Brian Nowell came over and were most impressed- until they heard the price. Obviously, they havent been buying lady clothes much. For a completely custom garment, Constrvcts prices are reasonable and so are the production times. Plus, if you create a design and submit it tothiscontest by February 12, you could win one!

Want to stay up-to-date the next time we have something interesting to say?

3D Model Printing Service

3D model printing service can provide a great addition to a corporate event, office or private party. These days, lots of people like to hire photo booths for their event; but this novelty can become quite old quite quickly! But what if instead of a photo, you could print a miniature version of yourself and your party guests?

You can do just that by renting a Bobbleshop booth. But what is a Bobbleshop booth? Its a device that you can hire which comes with a face-scanner and a touchscreen. You place your face in the scanner, multiple webcams take photos and, before you know it, a detailed3D printing, bobblehead model of your face is on the screen. From there, you can add all sorts of fun accessories, hairstyles and costumes to go with the 3D model of your face using the touchscreen. The whole process only takes around about 5 minutes per person! The booth acts as a great way to create interest and generate conversation which is especially great if youre hosting a network event. Or it can be a fun, team-building exercise as everyone in the office decides what each member of staffs figurine looks like. It doesnt just need to be for office parties or networking either it could be for weddings, exhibitions, conferences or just general get-togethers. All you really need is a location, an internet connection and sockets for electricity. And, within two weeks, your bobbleheads will be 3D printed and sent on to you. But can you find this service from3D printing Dubaior 3D printing companies in the UAE?

The answer is yes, you can! At 3DVinci Creations, you can hire our 3D Bobbleshop kiosk for the entiredurationof your event well even throw in your first few bobbleheads for free! To find out more about our 3D model printing service, visit email us via .


We offer custom solutions for trade shows, and architectural projects.

To get results, attention to every detail is vital, and detail is what LM3 prides itself on. Our main goal and constant focus is to produce the most realistic models for our clients–its our years of experience in design and model making and proven production process that allow us to exceed client expectations time and time again.

If you have drawings of your design that you can send to us, we can expedite production. If you dont, there is no need to worry. All we require are dimensions, hand sketches, and or photographs of the structure. The dimensions, photos, etc. allow us to accurately draw your design in one of our CAD programs.

Dimensions, hand sketches, and/or photographs are required, but detailed drawings will expedite the process.

Through our custom model specing process, we work with clients to develop the ideal model solution.

Once the scope of the project has been determined, the walls are created in 2D CAD. Then custom 3D components are created in 3D CAD.

Walls, windows, floors and doors are sent to the 2D laser cutter. Custom 3D components are generated with advanced 3D printing technology.

From painting and texturing components to simulating dirt, paint ware and stucco–surfaces are prepared and detailed prior to assembly.

Every model is assembled to meet client requirements. We hand assemble custom models and incorporate them into a diorama for maximum impact.

Laser Modeling 3 is so careful with the delivery of its custom models, we guarantee that your delivery will be received undamaged.

While your model is being produced, we will provide a weekly status report so you can see how your project is progressing. Once complete, we will send you a final custom model report so you can see that your model is perfect, before its shipped.

Because we are highly experienced and process oriented, and because we have access to the industrys most advanced technology and equipment, we are able to produce top quality, strikingly realistic architectural models fast and efficiently – saving your firm valuable time and resources.

When displaying your custom model, the intricacies are imperative. If the model doesnt accurately reflect your vision, you or your client will not be satisfied. At LM3, attention to detail is paramount. The more accurate and exact the model is, the more effective the model becomes.

LM3 has the ability to produce a scale model of your design with detail down to .004 of an inch. Such detail is only made possible with the technology embedded in our in-house 3D Systems 3D printer. With that level of accuracy, you can literally use a magnifying glass to view the most minute aspects of your design.

When LM3 commits to a project a designer is chosen to manage the models construction. That manager can pull in additional personnel depending on the required skill needed. When we commit to a delivery date you can count on us to meet your project deadlines.

Many of our models are shipped throughout the US, and packaging and logistics play an important role in making sure the project model arrives on time and in good condition. Our ability to package and ship any size model or diorama as well as arrange for various types of transportation allows us to deliver to any location.

Models are an economical way to bring your project to life and make a strong visual impact. Our advanced manufacturing techniques allow us to quickly construct a model of high quality at an affordable price.


Custom realized a new portal able to give a 360 overview of the whole after-sale service, giving at the same time a customised support to each Customer.

It is born then Custom4U, a web portal that collects all the resources useful for those who bought and use Custom products.

From Custom4U it is possible to get many different materials and resources able to help your actvity: starting from the free diagnostic softwares, to drivers, firmwares up to the new tutorial videos.

The website works based on the registration of each user, that is now safer and more automated: the registered person can retrieve with the maximum safety his password through an automatic procedure at any time.

It has been created a control panel for registered users management for each customer, so it is always possible to have the complete situation of the registered users.

Fiscal solutions and cash registers

Multifunction printers, scanners and accessories


press release and video


SILK, new PC POS ANDROID more fast and compact

Custom is able to offer comprehensive and multilayer solutions which integrate hardware, software and services.

CUSTOM SPA – Via Berettine, 2 – 43010 Fontevivo, Parma ITALY – VAT: IT -Tel.+39 0521 680111Fax +39 0521 610701

CUSTOM SPA is a group of companiesSitemap

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Custom 3D Model Services

Over 100,000 3D Professionals Use Our 3D Models

Need 3D models created or customized? Let us Help you. We offer high quality 3D modeling customization & rendering services at affordable rates.

Do you need a few changes or an entirely new 3D Model Graphics? YES, WE CAN HELP!

3D PrintingAugmented Reality AppsMobileVisualizations

FlatPyramids highly qualified 3D modellers deliver high quality 3D models on-time and at affordable rates. We also offer rendering services including Character & Animation Rendering, Architectural and CAD Rendering services, optimization of 3d models for 3D Printing, Mobile, and Augmented Reality apps. Other 3d graphic work by our experienced modellers do include 3d animations.

I will never forget the custom 3D model work you guys made for me…it is awesome!! I got a beautiful custom Maya scene fast and for an amazing price!

You guys rock! The level of detail and professionalism was really outstanding for the price. I will certainly recommend you guys to others…

In order for us to provide you with an appropriate price quote and timeline for completion, you will need to send us some basic information. Please provide the following info with your request:

A reference photo/image/sketch/artwork of what you want?

Do you want it in low poly or high poly/ high resolution?

What file format do you need it in (for example, 3ds, max, obj, dae, stl, maya, wt3, jpeg, etc)?

What do you want to use it for (for example, TV, game, animation, product demo, 3d printing, mobile app, augmented reality, etc)

What is your timeline for this project?

What is your budget (that is, how much do you have available for this project)?

Any other pertinent or relevant information regarding your request.

How Much Does It Cost To Customize 3D Models?

The cost of every 3D model is different as it is based on several factors. Therefore, it is impossible for us to give you a price without first reviewing your custom 3D model request. However, as a guideline, a 3D model that is custom made for you costs more than a stock 3D model that has similar level of detail and/or complexity. If you require it rigged then it also will cost more. Exclusive 3D models also cost much more that non-exclusive ones because when you choose an exclusive 3D model you retain the rights to that 3D model.

When you get a non-exclusive 3D model, you get a non-exclusive non-transferable license, so you can use it for your project but you do not own the rights to that 3D model. When you get an exclusive 3D model, you hold the rights to the 3D model and can do with it whatever you choose, including reselling it as a stock 3D model or using it for other 3d modeling and rendering projects. Therefore, exclusive 3d models cost more than non-exclusive 3d models.

The length of time it takes us depends on the complexity of your 3D modeling or rendering request and how much details you provide upfront with your scope of work. Typically, anywhere from 1 6 weeks is a good estimate. We also do cater for rushed jobs with looming deadlines. Be sure to let us know the level of urgency and we will do our best to fulfill your request. We might charge you a small fee if you wait till the last minute…so no procrastination.

We can make it to your specifications, whether you need a very high definition scene, cityscape or environment or just looking for a low poly 3d model for a mobile game. We have multiple 3d artists and each specialize in specific 3D skills set allowing us to serve customers looking for different types of 3d models. Some of the common 3D models that we make include:

3D Models made for Augmented Reality

platforms including Layar, Metaio, Wikitude, Vuforia, etc.

Characters for scenes and visualizations

for high end visualizations or demos

Architectural and CAD Renderings, and more.

What Customers Are Saying About Our Custom 3D Modeling And Rendering Graphic Services…

Let us help you save time and money with our custom 3D modeling and rendering services, see below what other customers are saying about us and learn more about custom 3D models and renders.

You have saved me now three times…I had an accurate and realistic 3D model ready to go in just a couple of days!

We are very satisfied with Flat Pyramid, they really worked with us to get fantastic results in a timely manner!

Creating 3D models can be an expensive and time consuming process. Knowledge, patience, and skill are required for each phase of the 3D model composition, from creating the mesh to applying the textures. Additionally, adding the necessary details to the custom 3d model including creating highly detailed renderings, rigging or creating the animation, to make your 3D project look the way you want, requires a significant amount of work and talent by our 3D modellers. Add to all of this – the deadlines and last minute changes by your clients.

So for a head start, use our custom 3D modeling and rendering services, which save you time and money, so you have the time to explore your creative possibilities and deliver your project to your customers, the way they want it.

Many 3D model websites also offer custom modeling services. At FlatPyramid, we have top quality 3D modelers in-house and from all over the world with a wide range of 3D skills and experience that can assist you with creating your 3D models the way you need them.

Using the latest digitizing technology and 3D modeling software, we can create your 3D model from sketched drawings, detailed specifications or images of any real world object. We can also assist you with non-existing objects, such as proof of concept projects, inventions and patents.

For renders, we specialize in architectural and CAD rendering. The process is as follows:

You send us your CAD files (elevations, floor plans, site plan) including any relevant or additional information. Even without CAD files, sketches are acceptable; perspective angle; samples of materials, colors and surroundings, if available.

We provide to you a price quote after receiving your files.

We setup the draft model for your review, comments and approval.

You send us your CAD files (elevations, floor plans, site plan) including any relevant or additional information. Even without CAD files, sketches are acceptable; perspective angle; samples of materials, colors and surroundings, if available.

We Offer High Quality 3D Model Customization At Affordable Rates.

Need a few changes or an entirely new 3D Model? We can help! FlatPyramids highly qualified artists deliver high quality custom work on-time and at affordable rates.

See below what customers are saying about our custom 3D Modeling and Rendering Services

The best rendering service I have ever used. You guys are great! And your pricing was very reasonable considering my deadline. I will surely refer other architects to use your service. Thanks for the wonderful renders.

I liked that you managed the going back and forth to get us exactly the right custom 3d cars and formats that we could use our game engine.

You always give us great results on-time and at a price that we can afford…everyone in our group is impressed with the level of detail that you put into your work…

Need a few changes or an entirely new 3D Model? Let us customize it for you. Need some renders done for you? We can help! At Flat Pyramid we offer high quality 3D model customization & rendering graphics services at affordable rates by some of the best 3d modellers in the industry.

In order for us to provide you with an appropriate price quote and timeline for completion you will need to provide us with some basic information. Please provide us with the following info to enable us respond appropriately to your request:

A reference photo/image/sketch/artwork of what you want?

Do you want it in low poly or high poly/ high resolution?

What file format do you need it
in (for example, 3ds, max, obj, maya, wt3, stl, jpeg, etc)?

What do you want to use it for (for example, TV, game, animation, product demo, 3d printing, augmented reality, etc)

What is your timeline for this project?

What is your budget (that is, how much do you have available for this project)?

Any other pertinent or relevant information regarding your request.

Custom 3D Modeling And Customization Tips

As you begin your custom 3D modeling project, learn more about custom 3D modeling and save time and money, in both the short- and long-term, with these tips.

Obtain early involvement from individuals across your organization- Include representation from all the affected parts of your organization – marketing, finance, management, and individuals outside your organization, such as your clients. They will bring a different perspective during the process and once the 3D job is delivered they will accept it and implement it faster.

Identify the reasons for seeking custom 3D modeling and rendering graphic services- When evaluating and selecting a vendor to fulfill your custom 3D modeling and rendering request, compromises will need to be made. Sharing your primary reasons with vendors will allow them to provide you with proposals/bids that address your needs and ultimately a finished 3D model that meets your objectives. Communicate these primary reasons to your vendors using documents such as a request for proposal, RFP or request for information, RFI.

Be clear about your evaluation criteria- Determine the criteria and method for evaluating proposals and the finished 3D models or renders. This will provide you some framework for the format of your RFP/RFI. Also, dont change your mind about the criteria unless it is absolutely necessary because this can compromise the whole projects timeline and budget.

Set a calendar of activities to evaluate the 3D model and renders and adhere to it- Agree to a regular meeting schedule. Work with your vendors in advance to set a schedule to review the draft of the rendered images of the custom 3D model or animation. This will gain commitment from your staff being available and for making decisions in a timely manner when the sample rendered images are sent to you for feedback.

Involve key evaluators in all aspects of the selection- During the demonstrations, reviewing of the proposals and evaluation of the sample rendered images, involve everyone that needs to evaluate your project, especially key evaluators that can provide you valuable input. In this way, you can obtain their input and commitment to any changes early and avoid delays or unnecessary changes later.

We specialize in working with you to get you high quality custom work on time and at affordable rates. See below what customers are saying about our custom 3d modeling and rendering services, including Animation Rendering, Architectural and CAD Rendering, Custom 3D Models, etc.

On behalf of my design team, I would like to thank you for going above and beyond to get the 3d scene that the post production team wanted…our clients were impressed with the production…I will definitely use your services again!

Your service is excellent as it focuses on getting us the high quality work that we need and can use in our projects.

Let us customize it for you and save time and money. Send us your request and we will be glad to assist you. We have some of the best 3d modellers in the industry.

Get a price quote and timeline for completion by sending us your request with the following information:

A reference photo/image/sketch/artwork of what you want?

Do you want it in low poly or high poly/ high resolution?

What file format do you need it in (for example, 3ds, obj, maya, stl, wt3, jpeg, etc)?

What do you want to use it for (for example, TV, game, animation, product demo, 3d printing, augmented reality, etc)

What is your timeline for this project?

What is your budget (that is, how much do you have available for this project)?

Any other pertinent or relevant information regarding your request.

How To Buy, Sell And Custom 3D Models

Request Custom 3D Modeling Rendering

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