More than 3,000 Dyson curling sticks don’t want to buy? Sun drying out your hair artifact

More than 3,000 Dyson curling sticks don’t want to buy? Sun drying out your hair artifact
On October 10th, Dyson held a new product launch conference in New York, officially launched a new hairdressing product – Airwrap curling iron.

Why did the domestic post-sense know that it was only two days later that a big discussion took place?

Because China’s fashion bloggers have been divorced from YouTube, it has taken 48 hours to reprint and copy the tape.

If this curling iron was invented by Huawei, it would be very worry-free. From the ground to the table, the illustrated manuscripts are fresh and straightforward for an hour, and it is good to open the background while eating.

According to the limited sample size of my circle of friends, 80% of the girls got the information on this product and gave different feedback according to their own temperament.

I said, “Things are good things, but people don’t have enough hair…”

This kind of person is beautiful and waiting for girlfriends and male “dogs” reply: “Do you have less hair? You can send more 1818 golden eyes! You are not bad, buy it, my Little princess!”

I said, “You are not the fault of Dyson, but my…”

Shrimp pig heart, this kind of person uses this line of words with the latest iPhone XS Max. Every time something new comes out on the market, he will say so, it’s pitiful that others will borrow money to make it poor.

What is the real poor? The poor are the silent majority, and only the rich will be tempted. The poor have their own shielding system. When they see the word “Dyson”, they slip past. It is impossible to turn. It is even more impossible to say that “you are my fault.” This kind of frustration, the rotten ship has three pounds of iron, and the poor finally The wealth is the iron and bone.

Many people say that the news that girls forward Dyson’s new products is to hint at their partner. As an emotional blogger, cousin has always advised not to persuade; cousin, as a lifestyle blogger, has always provided readers with rational and prudent consumer advice. Well, now, my opinion is:

Don’t buy it.


I have three Dyson products: hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, and heating and cooling fan.

Hair dryer, this is the first Dyson product I came into contact with. As an independent, impartial and objective third party, I would like to say that this hair dryer is still good. Its advantages are high wind power, high wind power and high wind power. As for the effect, I used it and the hair dryer bought with Taobao 100 dollars, I feel that the difference is not big. But Tony took Dyson to blow you up, it’s not the same, beautiful, with mud and hair gel, it’s impeccable. A cruel fact is: 99% of my country’s straight men are blowing their hair, whether it is the British Dyson, or a lot of Dai Lin, can not save.

Vacuum cleaner, I am no longer using it now. why? Humiliation, discomfort, resentment. Charge for one hour and vacuum for five minutes. Who the hell are you? Eight flag brothers? ! Daqing is dead! You are a vacuum cleaner, can you work hard? I have lived for more than 30 years, and I have been enslaved by a household appliance. I still have to look at it. When I think of it, I can’t help but cry.

Cooling fan, liar. I returned it in one day. I read the comment on Jingdong before I decided to buy it. The comment area says this: “The wind is strong and quiet, not only to drive heat, but even the air has become sweet…”

I believe in your evil, buy it and look at it, it is not the case. The first gear is quiet, but it is not cool. The third gear is cool, but it is really quiet. And it boasted into the corner, and every corner of the 100-flat house could feel cool. It’s a nonsense! I put the desk here, I am cool, and the wife of one meter away is hot and will spit out my tongue.

I have said so much, I want to tell you a truth: a brand that was originally full of want to change humanity, once it made up its mind to lie to Chinese people, it is destined to run wild on the path of mediocrity.

You can call this principle “the first law of the three forms of business.” According to this law, don’t buy Dyson Airwrap curling sticks.

It is expected to sell for more than 3,000. Believe me, you can’t use this money. How many times can you use this stuff in a year? The roll effect can only last for five hours, are you willing? You may not be bad, it is really windy, but is your money blown by the wind?

Let’s say, how long does it take to roll a roll, do you have time to go to work? Is it time to apply a mask to your own skin and cook an egg? How many colleagues can notice that you have no curly hair today? Can your careful function not be put on the job?

Dyson Airwrap hair curler called “do not hurt the hair”, do you believe? I tell you that from the moment you have a baby’s hair, you are destined to start hurting your life. After a while, I will straighten it. Do you tell me not to hurt my hair? So let’s just say, you take a rubber band, you learn it, roll it, pull it, you may not see its damage in the naked eye, but the cousin tells you that it has been riddled inside the molecule.

One thing you have to admit is that the Dyson brand is doing too hard. The cousin is such a big hand, the penny fee is not received, or in such a novel, it is inevitable to mention the “Dyson” brand, and many of the technologies like PingWest are self-sufficient from the media. Do the propaganda, not to mention the fashion-seeking fashion from the media.

If you can have this treatment before, it is not Apple or Tesla. It is also like Apple’s innovation stop, Tesla’s illness, or a large number of Chinese people rushing, Dyson has become the new vanity of the Chinese people. People can decorate their own things too little, they introduce their friends into their bathroom, look at you, Dyson hair dryer, curling iron, face? Then introduce a friend to the garage and watch it. Tesla is charging, have a face? Stand still, I use iPhone XS Max to help you and my car take a photo.

Maybe you are suffering from not knowing how to dispel the urge of your girlfriend to buy Dyson Airwrap curls, then forward this article to her.

Obedient? If you are obedient, curling up the stick, don’t buy it. Dyson brand vanity, don’t you.

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