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Quotes in hours, parts in days.®Over 150 employees working 24/7 dedicated to manufacturing quick turn prototype machined parts. Tapped holes and Heli-Coils? No Problem.

We love quantity ONE! From plates to complex linkages & manifolds, RAPID is consistently the fastest source of prototype machined parts. We shipped over 15,000 unique part numbers in 2015.

RAPID has a dedicated cell for quick turn prototype lathe parts. Our multiple CNC turning centers and lathes are staffed by very experienced turning specialists. Standard lead time is 5 Days.

RAPIDs proprietary automated production machining process is cost-competitive with offshore suppliers. Four weeks or less to first parts, repeat orders can be on-demand.

Precision machine parts to complex assemblies manufacturing. RAPIDs expertise is why the worlds leading companies in a wide range of industries trust RAPID with their assemblies.

Our size, experience and sense of urgency are why Product Developers continually trust RAPID with their wire edm parts, shipped in 10 days standard.

Custom, precision waterjet cutting services. Available in a wide variety of materials, shipped in 10 days standard.

Prototype machined enclosures manufactured with lightening speed! RAPID machines enclosures to fit your 3D CAD data and

Prototype machined shafts are typically machined from billets or extruded profiles.

Our prototype boxes and covers can be used for a wide variety of applications and machined in a variety of plastics or metals.

Electronic PC boards, DC-DC converts, Ball Grid Arrays, RF/EMI shielding, thermal management and much more!

Custom linkages, throttle linkages, cam linkages, linkage assemblies, and more in a variety of materials and options.

Machined motor mounts from simple to the complex offered in two popular materials: aluminum and carbon steel.

Hi, just to confirm Ive received the parts. Excellent work, I still cant believe its quicker to get parts from the other side of the world!

Holy moly that was quick!!!! and ahead of schedule. wowgreat job!

Parts arrived and Im very satisfied with turnaround time as well as quality.

Great News! You beat your estimated lead again.

Average quote returned in under 1 work day

Standard ship of 10 work days or less. Expedites Available!

RAPID Announces Acquisition by Proto Labs

NASHUA, NHNovember 21, 2017RAPID and Proto Labs (NYSE: PRLB) announced today that the two companies ha

Prototype CNC Machining Quotes in hours, parts in days™

See prototype cnc machining experts in action, Rapid Machining is ready to turn you

Learn best practices in machined part design for manufacturing

Browse our library of machined parts to see what we can do!

Quick Turn Prototype Machining (Trunnion Table)

How to Prepare Your Solid Model for Rapid Machining

A FREE instant sheet metal part costing & ordering add-in for SOLIDWORKS, developed by RAPID.

Get a quote using our hassle free part upload form in just

Avid Rapid Prototyping Services

Thanks for visiting AVID Rapid Prototyping Services.We are a Service Bureau which provides a quick and easy way to obtain Prototypes and Design Services. Our services allow you to make 3D-ABS Plastic Prototype Models a common part of your design process to help minimize the time to market.

Our 3D- Printing Servicewill aid your design verification and provide you with a realistic, physical model of your future product before investing in tooling and running high volume production. These models are useful in Mechanical Design, Architecture, Medical Design, Industrial Design, Art & Animation, Robotics and more. The high quality ABS Plastic Prototype produced by us can serve as an ideal pattern for soft mold tooling as well as a 3D Model for any type of visual presentation.

Uses Dimension 3D printers exclusively

Our service is prompt and reliable:-upload your STL file

3D Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping aids with project design and process development, as well as validates manufacturability.

Rapid prototyping (RP) covers a variety of processes that, typically, produce low quantities of parts without tooling, making a quick turnaround possible. Fab Masters offers Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM), via our Dimension BST 1200es, which uses a heated nozzle to extrude plastic having a 0.01 diameter onto a work piece. In this type of rapid prototyping, fused plastic is deposited layer by layer according to the 3D model (computer file), and built into a 3-dimensional object.

Rapid prototyping offers low cost for short runs since no tooling is required. RP allows engineers, designers, managers and end users to check designs for usability, appearance, manufacturability, form, fit, function, etc., prior to committing to conventional manufacturing. RP speeds the design cycle.

Rapid prototyping can produce almost any 2D or 3D shape including shapes that cannot be made using conventional machining, with NO PHYSICAL TOOLING required.

Please direct your questions and concerns to:

Victoria Green, Fab Masters Company CAD Technician

Rapid Prototyping Design Consideration

Since the extrusion is .010, it is best to keep dimension in multiples of this value especially smaller dimensions, walls and air gaps

Tolerance: X, Y .005 + 0.1%, Z .010 + 0.1%

Minimum wall: .030 for horizontal walls (e.g. bottom of box), .040 for vertical walls with no holes or cutouts, .1 for vertical walls with holes and slots in sides, .020 for very low walls that form letters/logos

Minimum diameter of holes in side of part: 0.25

Minimum height of horizontal slots in side of part: 0.25

Minimum material between hole and edge or between holes: .04 ideally, .02 absolute minimum and can create problems

Since parts are formed via a ~0.01 diameter plastic extrusion, the material will be slightly porous and therefore is not appropriate for containers of gases or liquids, the surface will be rougher than a machined part; and there are often small gaps, usually at intricate or curved features

Intricate features, such as small lettering are not recommended due to the .01 extrusion quantization

The addition of a 3D printer and rapid prototyping service has allowed us to help our customers better with design assistance, and validation of manufacturability early in the project development stage. It has been estimated that 60% to 95% of product cost and production time is determined in the design phase.

Some would think adding a 3D printer and rapid prototyping technology to a smaller company an extravagance; I regard it as adding more value to our customers dollar. The greater our efficiency in-house, the more our customer saves.

Fab Masters Company, Inc. is a comprehensive aluminum extrusion fabricator in Marcellus, Michigan. Our goal as your contract manufacturing partner is to make your job easier by designing, constructing, and assembling your custom aluminum parts.

Press Work Extrusion Punching Stamping

Rapid Prototyping Services LLC

Rapid Prototyping Services brings CAD files and design ideas to life using Fused Deposition Modeling (FDM). Test fit, form, and function and as many design iterations as you like with functional plastic models made out of the following materials: ABS, ABS-ESD7, NYLON-12, POLYCARBONATE, PC/ABS BLEND, ULTEM 9085 and POLYPHENYLSULFONE.

Rapid Prototyping Services 3D Printing Service

3D Printing Service 3D Scanning Services Rapid Prototyping Services

Learn About Rapid Prototyping Services

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Rapidforms updates make reverse engineering faster

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Scicon Technologies

Directs a focused UV laser beam across a vat of liquid thermoset resin, using multiple layers to create a high detail smooth finish plastic part.

Directs a focused CO² laser beam across a bed of thermoplastic powder, using multiple layers to create a strong and durable engineering-plastic or metal part.

Uses multiple layers to produce strong and durable parts by heating thermoplastic material to a semi-liquid state and extruding it according to computer-controlled paths.

A large selection of a wide variety of materials is offered; ranging from the softest and lowest shore A to the hardest and most rigid shore D. These include high impact, high temperature, FR, FDA, clear, overmolded parts, as well as UL and UV rated materials.

In order to create high-detailed, precise parts, a master wax pattern is printed, and the pattern is molded in a ceramic shell. After curing, the pattern is melted out of the shell, and molten metal is poured into the shell. When cooled, the shell is removed revealing the cast metal part.

Our quality and finishing department offers an array of functional and cosmetic finishes for anything from models for photo shoots to full-assembled production units.


Since 1989, Scicon Technologies has been a premier service bureau offering services for one-off parts, low-run production, and complete assemblies, utilizing additive and subtractive prototyping and manufacturing processes.

Scicon Technologies Corporation(Scicon) is a boutique Single Source Rapid Prototyping and Manufacturing Center located in Southern California. From our main facility in Valencia, we pride ourselves in our high quality work and refreshing personal touch we give our clients and friends. One call and a strong relationship starts.

Sciconsservice offering includes: 3D printing (PolyJet high precision 3D printing), Stereolithography (SLA®), High-Definition Stereolithography, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS®), CNC 5-axis machining, RTV, Urethane Castings, Metal Castings, HQ (High Quality), and Scicons SciCast PMC™ (Precision Metal Casting) and more.See Our ServicesHow We Do It

Whether a customeris looking for the aesthetics of SLA, the strength of SLS, the production material selection of a FDM or SciCast, the multiple material options of a Polyjet, or a prototype to production model made possible by our plastic castings, our expert consultants will advise which application will best fit their needs.See How It WorksHOW CAN WE MAKE YOUR DREAM COME TO LIFE?

Scicon wants to prove our weight in gold. We offer Stereolithography (SLA), RTV Molding/Urethane Casting, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS), SciCast Precision Metal Casting, Fused Depostion Modeling (FDM), Poly Jet, HQ/Finishing and CNC Machinining.

Scicon Technologiesoffers 3D printing (PolyJet high precision 3D printing), Stereolithography (SLA®), High-Definition Stereolithography, Selective Laser Sintering (SLS®), CNC 5-axis machining, RTV, Urethane Castings, Metal Castings, and Scicons SciCast PMC™ (Precision Metal Casting).

Were a team of real people, who enjoy our job and enjoy creating great relationships with our customers.


Scicon Technologies – Rapid Prototyping & Manufacturing Center

Happy Holidays from Scicon Technologies!…See MoreSee Less

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Rapid Prototyping Rapid Prototypes Stereolithography RealizeInc

Your partner in product realization.

Realize invests in the latest rapid prototyping technologies to provide superior quality rapid prototypes from small, intricate stereolithography models requiring high-resolution to the largest SLA prototype or special custom projects. With a vast portfolio of material choices and additive manufacturing technology processes from which to choose, Realize clients receive unparalleled personalized service resulting in an exceptional high-quality rapid prototype, on-time delivery, and a few extra touches that complete what we call The Realize Experience. Realize is your rapid prototyping expert!

The models you see here are challenging, high-quality rapid prototypes of a medical device used to treat prostate cancer.

This awesome 38mm gaming character was created on one of our Vipers and is a great example of the High Resolution modes ability to reproduce intricate geometries.

Our iPro™ SLA Centers are next generation Stereolithography machines. Each has a large build envelope of 25 x 29 x 21.

We are known for our outstanding part quality, quick deliveries, our unmatched personalized customer service.

Realize SLA Materials Comparison Sheet

The people at Realize have become an integral part of our design team.  Whether we have needed last minute emergency parts to take to the wind tunnel or complex assemblies to confirm concept functionality, Realize has worked with us to produce lightning fast and consistently highest-quality prototypes.  The staff is responsive and always a pleasure to work with.  There is no one we would rather go to for our rapid prototyping needs.

Design Engineer, Zipp Speed Weaponry

Instant online SLA quoting & ordering is now available! Sign up today!

Click here to request additional information about Realize, Inc.

Rapid Prototyping Services Providers in Florida



Rapid Prototyping Services Providers in Florida

Rapid prototyping automates the fabrication of a prototype part from a three-dimensional (3-D) CAD drawing. These physical models convey more complete information about the product earlier in the development cycle.(more)

Find Rapid Prototyping Services by Specification:

More Specifications

Solid Manufacturing Solutions, Inc.

5645 Coral Ridge Dr., Unit 232, Coral Springs, FL

1060 Commerce Blvd. N., Sarasota, FL

7661 NW 68th Street, Suite 117, Miami, FL

520 Cynthia Street PO Box 6396, Jacksonville, FL

8550 Astronaut Blvd., Cape Canaveral, FL

2655 Ulmerton Road, Suite 190, Clearwater, FL

Engineering & Manufacturing Services, Inc. (EMS)

5803 Breckenridge Parkway, Suite D, Tampa, FL

17071 West Dixie Highway, Suite 301, North Miami Beach, FL

3220 SW 15th Street, Deerfield Beach, FL

8324 Northwest 74th Ave., Miami, FL

10601 US Hwy. 19 N., Pinellas Park, FL

3880 North Courtenay Parkway, Merritt Island, FL

3251 Progress Drive, Suite B2, Orlando, FL

Mydea Technologies was founded in July of 2003 to provide advanced product development tools that help turn ideas into reality faster than ever before. Rapid product development is an emerging field that consists of combining Computer-Aided Design (CAD), Rapid Prototyping (RP) and Direct Digital…(more)

1130 Business Center Drive, Lake Mary, FL

4451 110th Ave North, Clearwater, FL

For more than 60 years, Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics and its family of companies have collectively supplied the world with high-performance polymer products for the most demanding applications. As part of Compagnie de Saint-Gobain, one of the worlds top 100 industrial corporations,…(more)

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– Construction 3D Printer Manufacturer

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– – Tech – Industrial Powder Bed Fusion

– High Speed 3D Printer Manufacturer

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– 3D Visualization Hardware Manufacturer

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Your Global Integrated AM Service Provider At Oerlikon, our advantage is clear: were integrating and scaling the entire additive manufacturing value chain to handle your project from point A to Z.Ultimately, if you can imagine it, we can build it.

We at ShaperJet, make desktop 3D Printing machines, which, we hope will help push the human race forward. For us ShaperJet isnt a job, Its a way of life and everyday is an exciting new challenge. Were in relentless pursuit of quality. We dont cut corners. We work hard to meet our own high standards. We are team of committed individuals. We work together and have a common focus to achieve our goals on every project.

3D printing enables the layered construction of three-dimensional bodies completely in one step without tools or moldings with a printer. This manufacturing method is particularly suitable for single pieces, small series or bodies with special material and strength requirements. The complexity does not play a major role, as well as z. B. internal parts and cavities are to be made in one piece. At the same time, high strength and low weight can be achieved depending on the material and manufacturing process.

Rapid Prototyping & Rapid Manufacturing solutions! Just visit our website to find out more about us.

At Superior Rapid, we specialize in the production of high-quality prototypes produced at a great price. With a range of technologies at our disposal, we are the perfect one stop shop for all your prototyping needs. When youre ready, we also provide low-volume manufacturing parts. Our rapid prototyping service is often used to produce a physical sample of a product design. It can be used to evaluate the form, fit and function of a part or to test out new and innovative idea. Prototypes are often made quickly using cheaper and less robust materials. We produce rapid prototypes because many clients need to produce a physical part quickly in order to validate a design or to capture a fleeting sales opportunity.

RPS Rapid Parts Solutions is a young company built on our managements over 15 years worth of pioneering and prototyping experience. After starting off with a staff of only 20 people, our team has grown to around 80 people by now. We have invested seriously in the latest global prototyping technologies like SLA, 3D CNC milling and vacuum casting. We implement a Western management style focused on customer satisfaction, with responsibility (and rewards) for each employee. We grew strong on the manufacturing of automotive parts like rear and headlights, bumpers and dashboard components for regional and international automotive manufacturers. Housings and coverings for electronic devices are also part of our daily routine. We provide premium quality parts to the EU and US markets at local Chinese rates. We have no hidden agenda or different calculation sheets for Western customers!

We are your potential – because we make a lot and more possible for you! We are your individual problem solver, because with us you get economic solutions for complex assemblies and tasks from a single source. You will always have a central contact person with cross-industry know-how on your side who is open to your problems. Depending on your individual requirements, he accompanies you according to our … full service engineering principle from the CAD model to the small series. As a possible facilitator, it goes without saying that our company is technologically up-to-date in order to be able to effectively and efficiently realize your products using a wide range of conventional as well as innovative manufacturing processes. To do this, we fully rely on the skills of our experienced employees, who, as passionate lateral thinkers and with high craftsmanship as well as technological competence, make your ideas possible – always keeping a constant eye on the demand for absolute top quality. In terms of sustainable customer relationships, it is important to us to provide you with maximum flexibility and on-time delivery so that you can get to the finished product quickly and efficiently. Customer satisfaction creates customer enthusiasm. All this and our many years of experience make us one of the leading rapid prototyping providers worldwide. Get ahead with innovative solutions – we accompany you! Your facilitator team is looking forward to your inquiry. who as passionate lateral thinkers and with high craftsmanship as well as technological competence make your ideas possible – the claim to absolute top quality always in view. In terms of sustainable customer relationships, it is important to us to provide you with maximum flexibility and on-time delivery so that you can get to the finished product quickly and efficiently.

Boyi Prototype Manufacturing Co. Ltd

Boyi Protototype is a market leader in Product Development, Producing functional prototypes, Automotive/ Electronic/ Home appliance prototypes, Car rapid prototype, Medical prototypes, Plastic Rapid prototype, areospace and defences application models and others .Our combination of experienced world class management, high investment in the latest equipment, advanced technology and our lower cost to provide you with one-stop shop for all your custom rapid prototyping neesds.

APT Mold Manufacturing Co.,Ltd. is an excellent manufacturing company in China. We specialize in rapid prototyping, rapid tooling, low-volume manufacturing and mass production.We can provide you suggestions on DFM(design for manufacturability) for free. We will help you optimize your design and reduce conversion costs. We provide CNC, 3D Printing, Plastic Injection molding, Stamping, Finishing and Assembly services to help you turn your designs into reality quickly and accurately at a great price.

3E Rapid Prototyping (3ERP) is an ISO certified manufacturer, built on the philosophy of 3Es, namely Excellent, Efficient and Economic, along with a dedicated team and the latest techniques to ensure your project runs successfully. Whether you need to have that complicated part produced from a 3D visualization, or youd just like the final stages of your product for display in a top-level meeting, 3ERP can assist you with those needs. For more information, please visit

Phoenix Analysis Design Technologies Inc.

Phoenix Analysis and Design Technologies, Inc. (PADT) is an engineering service company that focuses on helping customers who develop physical products by providing Numerical Simulation, Product Development, and Rapid Prototyping products and services. PADTs worldwide reputation for technical excellence and an experienced staff is based on its proven record of building long term win-win partnerships with vendors and customers. Since its establishment in 1994, companies have relied on PADT because We Make Innovation Work.

Star Rapid is a global rapid prototyping, rapid tooling and low-volume manufacturer. The company focuses on rapid prototyping, CNC machining, metal 3D printing, injection molding, pressure die casting, vacuum casting and a wide range of finishing services. Offering competitive prices and short lead times, Star Rapid places special emphasis on producing accurate and high-quality products and parts for its customers. Star Rapids manufacturing facility is based in Zhongshan, China with sales offices in the U.S., U.K., Australia and Germany.

WayKen Rapid is the leading prototype manufacturing company in China,offering professional rapid prototyping and CNC machining services at a lower cost.WayKen focuses on visual design models, full-functional engineering prototypes and low volume production of custom parts, which can make sure your final product looks and performs exactly as intended.

Reseller of Markforged 3D printers and 3D Systems Located in Montreal, Canada We deserve customers all across Quebec and Ontario

Born out of a desire to be cutting edge, Performance 3-d is one of the leading printing and engineering start-ups for rapid prototyping and high performance printer upgrade parts and nozzles. Founded by two engineers with a combined 40 years of experience and a passion for printing, P3-d has designed and printed for industries spanning from healthcare to stage design. With a commitment to advancing the 3D printing industry, P3-d also offers a line of high-performance products specifically engineered to upgrade existing 3D printers, such as low friction, super-wear-resistant nozzles and ultra-flat glass build plate surfaces.

Offering timely and cost effective 3D printing service. We provide and range of resin and metal materials for our customers to choose from while making them understand benefits and drawback of using certain material if required. Our related services are Reverse engineering and rapid prototyping.

From robotic automated manufacturing to the future of personal transportation, entertainment innovation to consumer tech, we have a proven track record of concept to market product development across a plethora of industries. Utilizing cutting edge design tools, visualization renderers, and prototyping technology, along with a focus on sustainability, manufacturability, efficiency, and quality design, we blur the lines between art and science to create beautiful, functional products.

RESCOLL est une Socit de Recherche indpendante ralisant des tudes techniques sur les applications industrielles innovantes des matriaux polymres (rsines, composites, adhsifs, peintures, vernis,…) et domaines connexes : assemblage par collage, comportement au feu des matriaux et prparations et revtements des surfaces

Our vision is that rapid prototyping is a universal technology and a versatile tool that has the power to innovate while renewing itself, replacing traditional technologies, which in comparison become less effective or even useless.

At Morf3D our mission is to provide a sustainable eco-system that delivers innovative solutions to solve complex design and manufacturing challenges that fully exploit the benefits of additive manufacturing.

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Poietis Launches Poieskin, the First Commercial Ti…

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Aluminum Precision Machining

HLH Prototypes provides high precision, high accuracy CNC machining and CNC turning of aluminum, steels and other metals and plastics. We offer CNC machining parts for both low to mid and high volume production runs. Dedicated machining workshop offers high precision prototyping and finishing combined with extremely fast lead times and low prices.

We provide prototype or volume machined parts in a massive range of materials. Our specialist workshop encompasses CNC milling and turning, EDM, wire erosion and surface grinding allowing us to accommodate almost any prototyping and machining requirements and all manner of precision machining parts.

With our precision machining China capabilities we are committed to turning concepts into reality by providing a wide range of rapid prototyping services. Our customers design the prototypes and we work with them to determine the most flexible rapid prototyping method to match their project needs. Methods such as 2D & 3D CAD modeling and 3D scanning are used to help realize our customers product design before entering the aluminum prototype or plastic prototyping fabrication stage. Relying on our extensive precision prototyping experience, vast manufacturing capabilities and modern rapid prototyping equipment, at HLH, we bring our customers designs to life.

Send us an enquiryhereto receive high quality parts manufactured in China at low costs and in rapid time.CNC Machine SetupCNC Turning RoomHigh Speed CNC LathePrecision 3 Axis CNC Machining